XT Diving Pteryx blades are among the most advanced carbon fiber solution by the Greek company, specialized in fins, wetsuits and shafts. The XT Diving Pteryx Long blades we have already presented in the x-rays column, but now Giovanni Metafuni has tested them deeply and…wait to see.

First impressions

The blades of the XT Diving Pro Pteryx Long fins seem to have the best performing composite I have ever tried. Let’s start with the visual aspect first. Already with the naked eye you can see from the shiny surface of the blade of the XT Diving Pro Pteryx Long the rhomboid design set during the construction phase, which gives the blades, in addition to a beautiful aesthetic, an extremely high softness and reactivity.

Surface transfers

The XT Diving Pro Pteryx Long have their absolute strength in surface transfers, as they do not fear even the most sustained current. The kick is “complete”, always soft and effective, and never tires the lower limbs, making you advance without hesitation and any difficulty.

Medium and deep dives

In dives within 15 meters, such as those up to 30 meters, the XT Diving Pro Pteryx Long are really pleasant with the restart from the bottom that is always ready and effective, with a feeling of lightness that almost gives us the feeling of not having the fins on the feet. The ascent speed for one of my size, 190 cm for 92 kg, is about 56/58 meters per minute, kicking normally … not bad right?

Shallow water

The only weak point for the XT Diving Pro Pteryx Long is in the shallows, where their generous length is felt by limiting their movements, as happens for many fins with blades of the same size.


The sensations in using the XT Diving Pro Pteryx Long are really exciting, and I was really impressed already from the first kicks. The lightness of the composite blades and the very low effort on the lower limbs represent a real point of reference in the carbon fiber fin market.