Directly from Greece we have tested one of the top spearguns by Blue Green, the Falcon Carbon Open 90, that has impressed us, especially for what concerns the release mechanism. 

Patented release mechanism, high module carbon fiber barrel, integrated muzzle with magnet as shaft retaining system; the Falcon Carbon Open 90 has shown power and precision, thanks also to the reduced recoil and a structure with maximum rigidity.

For prices of the Falcon and other Blue Green products ask information on the company’s website.


Easy and intuitive, with the elastic bands well positioned that do not risk to move out of position in an annoying way during loading, the Falcon offers great easyness of use, with also a wing to lower the line away from the release mechanism for a “cleaner” setting of the line itself. Simple is also the muzzle, but it can happen that the line, if not perfectly positioned, can come off the passage made for it, as this is not very deep and could be eventually improved. After the shot, the line holder of the release mechanism must be positioned backward with the hand, else the shaft will not lock: a minor nuisance, but improvable. The magnet on the muzzle helps keeping the shaft in the right position, but is not sufficient to hold it in place if the Falcon is upside down with the line not in place.


With the 130 cm long and 6.5 mm diameter shaft the Falcon has the tip lighter than the grip. This though is not a poblem at all. Actually such solution permits to have the Falcon always very light in the hand and so that in each way the tip of the speargun is positioned, it stays in such position, wether the barrel is horizontal, or oriented upward or downward. This aspect has been very much appreciated and has given the strong sensation of extreme confort and ease of use during all the spearfishing action.  


Quite compact dimensions of the 3 cm diameter circular section barrel and the two 16 mm diameter elastic bands being well aligned to the speargun make the brandishing good. Moreover, the release mechanism very much shifted backward, which gives at least 10 cm additional usable length to the speargun, permits to have an optimized brandishingrespect to the usuable loading length of the elastic bands.



Excellent is the solution of the grip being covered with rough surface PU rubber, which offers great grip. The latter can result in being a little small and close to the trigger for big hands.

Reel and shot

The shot is in general excellent. First of all the power is extremely high, both for the optimized usable length and for the great rigidity of the whole structure, with carbon fiber barrel and patented release mechanism made of one single piece with the handle. Elastic bands evidently do their good job and have excellent reactivity. Not only. The release mechanism. made of two icreased dimension metallic elements in contact between them, permits additional sensibility and consequently better precision of the shot, also with the optimization of its timing.

The reel follows the Greek philosofy, where the clutch, when tightened, has the only function of keeping the line in position, but completely opens and releases it as soon at the shaft hits the fish. This solution offers additional safety for the spearo in case of a big catch, especially at deep depths, so that the diver can come back to the surface without the clutch stopping the line which would oppose to the spearfisherman reaching the surface. On the other hand, when hitting a smaller prey, the clutch completely opening determines the line on the reel to unroll as soon as the prey pulls. At this point one finds himself having to roll a lot of line back on the reel at every fish caught.