We have recently presented in the X-Rays column the new line of spearguns by Seac, the Seac Target, Seac Fire and Seac Fire Camo. Now it is time for the test. We anticipate that Seac has made, with this new range of products, a real step forward in quality and performance. Nothing revolutionary, where simpleness becomes a great plus for ease of use, brandishing and precision. Well done!

Balance in the water

The Seac Fire 90 is set with double 14 mm diameter circular Tripower bands and a 6.5 mm diameter Seac Shark Laser shaft. The balance in the water is immediately appreciable due to that fact that it is almost neutral. There is just a slight negative buoyancy of the handle, which can actually help comfort not feeling the weight of the tip of the Fire.


Nice and well refined, it is maybe the only improvable element of the entire Seac Fire. In fact, probably of correct dimensions for small hands, it is slightly small for standard to big hands. This aspect is not a big problem, but the feeling when holding the Seac Fire is not 100% of a perfect grip on the speargun.


The swing of the Seac Fire is one of the strong elements. The lightness and compactness of the entire structure permits to move the barrel left and right, up and down with almost no effort. This is also helped by the record compact dimensions of the muzzle. This aspect is key for the agguato, but also fishing in the dens and some kind of not too distant shots aspetto.


Almost perfect, easy and precise. The locking system of the line on the muzzle is great. The shaft locks easily to the release mechanism. The shark fins, small but well designed, permit an easy hook of the Dyneema wishbones. The only aspect which could be improved are the lateral wings on the handle, which are too small to position the mono-filament away from the line of aim. As they are, they do not have really much sense.

The shot

The shot is definitely the strongest characteristic of the Seac Fire. In an entire day of spearfishing, with around 6 shots, there have been no misses. In addition, the shots where perfectly on target. The power and progression of the Seac Tripower bands is perfect for the Seac Fire. The release mechanism is perfectly tuned to release without effort. At the same time there is no risk of accidental release of the shaft. There is some slight noise of the release mechanism during the shot. Still it is not much and comes at the very end of the shot when the fish is already caught.


On the market there are better looking reels than the one by Seac mounted on the Fire. This is mainly because the first are made by machining full elements, while the second is made through stampeding. Still, the clutch and the entire Seac reel works more than well.