Roberto Poggioli, Italian first category athlete and member of the Italian Spearfishing Team, has tested the Cetma Arrow 95 H. He was really impressed for the amazing ballistic capacities of this premium line speargun.

Superior grip and trigger of the Cetma Arrow

“The grip of the Cetma Arrow 95 H is really perfect. The anatomical design is great, giving the perfect adherence of the hand. Additionally, the anti-slip material which covers the grip gives the absolute sensation of the excellent connection with the hand.

The trigger is really “relaxing”. As soon as you press the trigger it releases the shaft, even though it never does it accidentally. So, the control of the shot is absolute, and this also greatly helps precision, as the speargun is kept perfectly in position while pressing the trigger.”

The perfect buoyancy

“I have probably never had the chance in my entire experience to use such a well balanced speargun in the water. The feeling of the Cetma Arrow 95 H is of amazing lightness. The handle is practically positive, something I never experienced, while the tip of the barrel still feels super light. Even in the ambush technique the Cetma Arrow 95 H feels great and no weight is felt, making the action at all tiring. The swing, be it vertical or lateral, is also impressive for a 95 cm speargun with cuttle bone like section and two couples of rubbers.”

Cetma Arrow 95 H in the ambush agguato technicque

Extreme power with easy to load rubbers

“At a first glance I looked at the rubbers, the Cetma Composites Silver 14 mm, and thought they were not enough. Even when loading the speargun, they felt too easy and soft to pull. Instead, I was amazed how such rubber bands, maybe also helped by the H muzzle solution, which keeps them perfectly parallel to the shaft, gave an amazing power to the shot. I hit a big grouper at more than 4 meters and the shaft has penetrated the head of the fish deep, showing a great power also at an important distance. The shot is like the one of my usual double circular 110 cm speargun with the rubbers pulled at their maximum!

So, the H muzzle is absolutely promoted, even though it will require just a little bit more time to reposition the rubbers after the shot.

Unbeatable recoil of the Cetma Arrow

“A speargun with traditional double rubber bands, be them circular like on the Arrow S muzzle, or straight like on the Arrow H muzzle, has recoil. It is physics and beyond a certain optimization, it is not possible to cancel such phenomenon. Still, the Cetma Arrow 95 H is probably the best solution of the kind on the market to control recoil. In fact, be it the perfect buoyancy in the water that we have already talked about, be it the amazing geometry of this speargun, the recoil is perfectly controlled.

When the shot is released, the Arrow has a slight backward movement as all spearguns, but such movement is perfectly aligned with the axis of the barrel. This means that the tip of the speargun does neither move up or down, and so the precision of the shot will be absolute. The feeling will simply be of the Arrow pressing slightly on the palm of the hand keeping its position. This is another unbeatable characteristic of the Cetma Arrow 95 H.

Cetma Arrow 95 H speargun has great recoil control and amazing precision

Small possible improvements

“The Cetma Arrow 95 H is an amazing speargun, powerful, precise, intuitive and manoeuvrable. Some small details, as in every product, can still be improved.

Ermes lateral line release lever

First, the Ermes release mechanism, an excellent product, has still some aspects which could be optimized. The first is the lateral line release lever. Indeed the design and profile of such lever is great. Still, the dimensions are a little bit too small. The monofilament with which the Arrow 95 is set is 140. Such line perfectly supports well above 50 Kgs of load, but can be a little bit weak when the monofilament rubs against a rock, as well explained by another of Apneapassion Champions, the Vice World Champion Luigi Puretti.

I normally use a 180 line, which gives me the maximum tranquillity it will support heavy loads and heavy rubbing on the rocks. With such solution, the side lever is a little bit too small to host well such monofilament with three passages, but only two. The Arrow 95 H is so efficient in the shot that three passages are needed.

Ermes release mechanism shaft insertion

Still, regarding the Ermes release mechanism, an invitation profile on the upper part of the box to help insert the shaft would be a plus. Many release mechanisms do not have such an option, but definitely in the water such solution would help re-insert the shaft quicker.

Position of the barb

Another small detail, which si not a defect but a question of preferences, is for example that I prefer the shaft with the barb on the upper side. The Cetma Arrow 95 is instead given with the shaft having the barb in the inferior side. This solution gives a better and clearer line of aim, but many athletes are used to the first option, so a possibility to choose would help.