Pathos Ultimate fins are somehow the top of the line carbon fiber fins by Pathos, one of the first carbon fiber blades producer and especially famous for the first foot-pockets specifically designed for such material. All of this, coming from previous generation baldes that in our Super Test on best carbon fiber fins had resulted in extreme excellence for deep dives.

The test

(By Giovanni Metafuni)

Surface transfers

Movement on the surface with Pathos Ultimate fins is always extremely good, among the best I have ever tried, even with strong current. Best utilization is with medium to wide kicks, thanks to which you can counteract even the strongest current.

Shallow water

In shallow water the Pathos Ultimate, like any fins with long blades, have a limit in their great length that evidently can limit movements.

Medium to deep dives

Pathos Ultimate fins begin to give their best in dives from -15 to -30 meters and beyond. The acceleration from the bottom is adeuqate with a good propulsion of ascent, measured for me in about 52/54 meters per minute, without straining the muscle groups. The stride to be adopted for this blade is medium-wide because its perception is of great lightness in the movement. After a 5/6 hour spearfishing session I did not feel any fatigue on the legs, fantastic!


Pathos Ultimate fins are the real new generation solution commended for those who want to have the possibility of deep dives, but also have the need of long surface transfers. Well designed blade with an excellent inclination that does not tire the ankle.