After presenting in every little detail the base model of carbon fibre fins by the French Company part of C4 Family, the H.Dessault Minimal HD, here is our test. We were impressed by many characteristics of this really high value for money product, with some limit in specific situations.

Foopocket: comfort, putting on and taking off

The comfort of the H.Dessault 350 footpockets is excellent. Once worn, the 350 feel perfect on the foot, wrapping the foot extremely well.

There have been in time some spearos criticizing the C4 footpockets, which have a similar, but not identical, design with the H.Dessault. This was due to the difficulty of wearing the famous C4 300, a great idea with this specific limit. But the foot-pockets of the new era by C4 and H.Dessault have solved the problem has been well solved, and as Apneapassion we have indeed declared that putting on and taking off the C4 or H.Dessault footpockets is easy and comfortable. In this Winter period, with cold water (17°C in the test) the thermo-rubber stiffens sensibly, and with thick gloves and cold hands, taking the fins off at the end of the spearfishing session can be a little more difficult. In such conditions, of course, this limit applies to many other footpockets also.


In the water, the general feeling given by the Minimal HD is of absolute lightness, something that you would expect from much more expensive fins. The know-how and constant research and development by C4 in such sector has given in fact the possibility to design and manufacture extremely light footpockets and blades. Such aspect is felt very clearly during the finning action.

Vertical performance

During dives even beyond 20 meters, with a thick 7 mm wetsuit and 9 kg of ballast, the performance of the Minimal HD is good, with no difficulty at all in any moment. The finning is smooth, light on the legs and always powerful enough. The blades bend in a very silent way, even when the movement by the spearo is sudden and fast. Of course, we are not talking about the performance of top of the line fins by C4, such as the C4 MB002, winners of the Best Choice by Apneapassion 2023. Still, the Minimal HD do have extremely good performance for their price.

Surface transfers

Still giving a very light feeling on the legs, the Minimal HD have probably in the surface transfers their slight limit. The performances are still good, let’s be clear, but do not excel. Most of all it is the elastic return that does not feel so powerful. This is evident considering that the carbon fibre used, even of good quality, is the more standard and economical T300, which cannot really reach the reactivity of the T700 for example.