We are in early July, in Abruzzo it is very hot and the sea, already 25 degrees, is being enriched with many species of fish that should entice predators to approach the coast, which is why I decide to test another speargun, the Meandros 75 model b28 m4. At first glance it appears as a speargun with simple shapes and strong elastic bands, unfortunately shipped without a reel, but later on we will also test it in deeper waters equipped with the reel and in search of larger preys. Upon my arrival at sea, I find the opaque water typical of fresh water pouring due to the many rivers that drain the rain that fell from the high mountains into the sea. Unfortunately this does not favor the presence of fish of size and I  have to test the Meandros b28 m4 75 on the few shrewd and fast breams of the coast. Not an easy test! Upon entering the water, I immediately evaluate the handle, which is suitable for my hand: the index finger comfortably reaches the trigger and the hand is well positioned, the grip is firm. I am a bit surprised at the choice of a shaft with notches, because the muzzle could easily accommodate a shaft with fins. The muzzle has a steeel wire bridge that would be well suited for the use with such shafts. Loading the Meandros b28 m4 75 I feel all the power of the elastic bands, but the wishbone supplied is too precise to easily enter the notches of the rod. This can be a problem if you need to load quickly or with rough sea, but the solution is simple by modifying the set-up with a fin chosen among the Meandros range. The set-up is slightly negative, but for the more demanding just opt ​​for a slightly shorter shaft, given that the one supplied measures 115 centimeters and protrudes 26 centimeters from the muzzle. This is extremely compact and essential, it houses two threaded screws equipped with olives, which inserted in the central hole of the elastics can then be tied with a classic Knot.

Meandros b28 m4 muzzle

For those who do not like DIY, there is no problem because the Meandros b28 m4 model has a head that is designed for classic elastics with threaded nose cones. The elastics once stretched run parallel to the shaft and this makes aiming on the prey more instinctive and fast. The shot is very good and although slightly tough for obvious safety reasons, it is compensated by a fairly short run. Its release mechanism is unique, as it does not have a real frame, but all the components are housed directly in the handle castle.

The particularities that make it unique are first of all the shaft self-centering system, which always remains in the correct position whatever its diameter.

Meandros shaft auto-centering release mechanism

This aspect is important for the accuracy of the shot. Furthermore, the geometry of the system makes it not influenced by the line, whatever the tension. Finally, the inverted system allows you to hook the shaft far back with a gain in the useful charging length. The safety is inserted in the hilt, which does not make it easily feelable when inserted holding the speargun, but it is easy to see if the system is safe thanks to the “button” that comes out from the hilt.

Meandros b28 m4 – Grip and safety system in the hilt

In the in the sea I decide to perform the ambush technique on a seabed that I know well and that does not exceed 5 meters. The rocks are large and form fairly narrow channels, which do not allow you to move easily: it is a playground that will put the Meandros b28 m4 maneuverability to the test. As soon as I get into the water, I do some tests to get in tune with the speargun, and sliding on the bottom between the rocks I carry out lateral movements with the speargun, which feels light in the hand, even carrying such movements out at speed. At various stresses, the elastic bands do not vibrate, which is an excellent feature because it would be an unpleasant alarm bell for possible prey. Finally, after a few dives I find a small flock of seabreams, of which one is definitely of good size. I unleash the shot and I realize that the shaft starts fast, precise and hits the fish perfectly in the center, passing it completely.

The sensations I received after 1 hour of fishing are that I did not find any sign of fatigue in the arm, even if the set-up can be improved, on the other hand the loading is a bit complex due to the wishbone which needs to enter too precisely into the high performance shaft, and strong elastic bands that do not facilitate the task. I can therefore conclude that the Meandros b28 m4 75 is a speargun suitable for all techniques of spearfishing, and in the length 75 is especially adeuqate for the den and ambush, and it ranks among the best products on the market.