Among the many fins tested and still to be tested (Meister and Alchemy coming as requested by many readers), the Mares Razor Matrix are among the few coming from a large international company such as Mares (Head Group). Evidently, the products coming from non-artisanal companies are produced by external artisans with the guidelines given by the company. On this aspect, companies like Mares need to have maximum reliability of the product as base point, but evidently may loose some flexibility in the constant development of the fins on a performance point of view. Let’s see if this is true with the help of our expert Giovanni Metafuni.

(by Giovanni Metafuni)

I tested the Mares Razor Matrix, already presented on Apneapassion X-Rays column, with the sea that was initially calm and then got rougher with a Sirocco (South-East) wind.

In shallow water 

The impression of the Mares Razor Matrix in shallow water has pleasantly surprized me for their reactivity in kicking, in the duck dive and in the ambush technique.

Surface transfers

Mares Razor Matrix have confirmed a good propulsion on the surface with calm sea or with current that is low to medium, else, with stronger current these fins are not particularly performing. One aspects that I have not appreciated too much is the limited angle between blade and footpocket (22°) which, not being accentuated, tires the foot a little.

Dives from medium to deep

The reduced angle between blade and footpocket definately makes the Mares Razor Matrix easier to use, but at the same time a little bit “old fashioned”, with a reduced efficiency of the kick. Blades themselves feel easy to use and light on the legs and are suitable for spearos and freedivers who are not particularly expert, but are not particularly performing for deep dives beyond 15-20 meters.


Easy to use and with good performance in shallow water, Mares Razor Matrix find some limit with strong current and deep dives. They are definately more indicated to spearos and freedivers who are not particularly expert.