After the first impressions about the Cressi Scorfano 5 mm wetsuit, we have gone through the tst in the water. Thermal and shock protection at maximum levels.

The test in the sea has been done in May, in the sea of Santa Teresa di Gallura, Sardinia, Italy, moving using a boat. The minimum temperature of the water has been measured with the dive computer Cressi Drake Titanium and measured equal to 17° C.

Dressing and undressing

The Cressi Scorfano 5 mm wetsuit has resulted to be quite comfortable in dressing and undressing, evidently after a correct soap of the internal open cell surface of the neoprene. In general the presence of the Liquid Seal Ultrasystem gives more structure to the wetsuit and makes it a little less smooth in the dressing and undressing phases, respect to the best traditional wetsuits. In particular, inserting hand and feet through the wrists and ankles of the jacket and trousers is a little less easy. In fact, the circular rubber around such areas tends to be harder than the neoprene.


The first important thing to notice about the comfort of the Scorfano is the fact that the Liquid Ultraseal System determines an excellent adherence of the wetsuit to the body, and in particular in the wrists and ankles areas. As a consequence the insulation in the critical points of frequent passage of water. Moreover, since wetsuits in time tend to enlarge slightly in the wrists and ankles area, due to the frequent dressing and andressing actions, the Liquid Ultraseal could, but we will verify this in time, be a good and positive reindorcement.  In general, the Liquid Ultraseal System gives more structure to the whole wetsuit, which is yes comfortable, but slightly less soft respect to the best solutions on the market. The only ares though that one can just slightly notice the Liquid Ultraseal System are the rear of the knees and the internal part of the elbows.

Thermal insulation

It is on this point that the Scorfano 5 mm results most effective, at least in what could be fest during the test. In addition to the already evidenced sealing at the wrists and ankles areas, reinforced by the Liquid Ultraseal System, it is the excellent adherence of the wetsuit to the body that permits to have the maximum level of insulation. Evidently the wetsuit will adapt differently to the different bodies of each spearo or freediver, but it must be said that the good general structure of the wetsuit, which seems partially determined by the higher rigidity of the Liquid Ultraseal System, determines a general improved adherence to the body. To this, other details can be added, like the smooth internal surface neoprene at the wrists and ankles, a solution that increases sealing in such areas. Also the face area, well profiled in order to close the face almost perfectly with the mask, so avoiding to leave any part of the face uncovered and so not protected from cold (but also from animals like jellyfish), is made with an internal smooth surface neoprene.

Still on the thermal insulation we have tested the Aqua Stop system, and results have been above expectations. If on one side utilizing the Aqua Stop, so foding the smooth exterior open cell interior neoprene profile of the waist of the trousers, determines a lowering of the cover on the belly and the back, with a slight loss of thermal insulation, and also a thickening of such band passing on the belly, determining a slight sense of constraint, to which one gets used to soon, on the other hand the Aqua Stop blocks almost completely the passage of water between jacket and trousers, and avoids the fastidious flows of cold water that one one feels on the belly and, especially, on the back.

Protection and resistance to shocks

The Cressi Scorfano is an externally lined neoprene wetsuit, so it is resistant to shocks and scratches against rocks. The reinforcements on elbows and knees, extremely wide, are made of Supratex, a very soft, elastic and extremely shock absorbing padding. Moreover, such solution should be more long-lasting than the more traditional rubber coatings, which with time tends to dry and crack. Certainly, though, Supratex gives very low protection against the needles of sea urchins, while the rubber coating, even though it does not avoid the penetration of such needles, results in higher protection.

The sternal protection is a little bit limited, both in size and thickness, with it discontinuous padding. Surely works fine for medium and long spearguns, but is a little insufficient for the loading very big guns that require high loading force.


Green color clearly focused on sea floors with algae and posidonia, the camouflage graphic is effective in all conditions, even though a little too dark on rocky surfaces. The black ares of the Supratex protections, in addition to the ones on the sides of the chest, can contribute to a camouflage based on the image breakdown. The silver Cressi logo on the forehead is not really the best solution for camouflage, at least for those spearos that are very attent to this point. It is also ture that the logo can easily be colored black with a water-resistant marker. We must say that such logo has quite soon cracked. Not a big loss, but a strange aspect for Cressi, a company extremely careful on quality.

Transfer with the dinghy

As externlly lined wetsuit, the Scorfano once wet clearly suffers transfers on the dinghy in the cooler periods. Moreover, also the ample Supratex protections absorb a lot of water and are so areas that remain wet and colder out of water as it does not dry quickly.


Well refined and full of intelligent solutions, the Cressi Scorfano has in insulation and resistance to shock and abrasion its strong points, but to do this it has to accept being just slightly below excellence in comfort.

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We like and don’t like

We like

  • Excellent adherence of the wetsuit to the body and finishes of wrists, ankles and face contour
  • Aqua Stop System to avoid cold water streams on belly and back
  • Ample, soft and elastic Supratex protections

We don’t like

  • Dressing and undressing a little less fluid
  • Chest protection limited


Marks table

Thermal insulation 9 (excellent, it is one of the strongest points)

Comfort 8 (very high, but some competition does slightly better)

Seams and bondings 9 (of extremely high level)

General resistance 10 (externally lined, protections in Supratex, Liquid Ultraseal System: all these give amazing strength and durability. Quality of the neoprene is something we can check only with time)

Easiness in dressing and undressing 7,5 (good, but a little harder than the best classic wetsuits without L.U.S.)

Intelligent solutions 9,5 (it has many of any kind: Aqua Stop, L.U.S., bands in smooth neoprene for wrists, ankles and face contour)

Use when moving with the dinghy 6 (it is sufficient, at least with the 5 mm solution, considering it is not used in terrifically cold weather. Still, the lined exterior and the Supratex protections will take some time to dry)