Perfect match of comfort and performance

We have already deeply presented the new Cressi Gara Turbo Impulse. It was the time to test them. We have been amazed by the perfect equilibrium between excellent comfort and high performance.

Ease of dressing

The first aspect we have analyzed in the test has been the ease of dressing. The Cressi Turbo foot-pockets (practically the Cressi Modular updated with short lateral rails) are soft enough for the best possible easiness in wearing them. The patented Self-Adjusting system works perfectly also in such phase. Full marks to Cressi on this aspect. Some divers have criticized the Cressi Modular and Turbo foot-pockets exactly for the Self-Adjusting system. We will analyze later in this article the evaluation in the match with the these fins.

Lightness and comfort

The immediate sensation when testing fins is the weight that one feels on feet and legs. This depends both on the actual weight of the complete fin and on the design and flexing performance of the blade. It is evident that, compared to lighter composite material blade fins, polymer fins cannot be the absolute winners on this point. Still, the sensation with the Cressi Gara Turbo Impulse is definitely of a very low effort requested during finning. The new Cressi fins most probably are the best on the market on this point. Of course, they cannot reach the level of the best carbon fiber blade fins.

The very good result obtained by the Cressi Gara Turbo Impulse is a natural consequence of the great comfort offered by the foot-pocket and the bending capacity of the blade. Such result is not easy to obtain with polymer blade fins, insuring at the same time good performance. In addition, the Cressi Turbo foot-pockets match the blades perfectly. What some people have indicated as an issue, with the Cressi patented solution of the Self-Adjusting system has no downsides.

In particular, the fact that the instep has a soft central part to perfectly adapt to the foot does not generate an excessive deformation which limits force transmission from the foot to the blade. Such aspect, criticized by some, and also detected by us at AP with the old carbon fiber blade, is not present at all on the Cressi Gara Turbo Impulse. The slight dilatation of 2-4 mm of the instep area of the foot-pocket has been adjusted to perfection. In such way there is no loss of force transmitted from the foot to the blade. The match between the blade and the foot-pocket is perfectly balanced for the most comfortable finning action. We will see, soon with a dedicated test, how this aspect applies to the new carbon fiber blades of the Cressi Gara Turbo Carbon.


The performance of the Cressi Gara Turbo Impulse is of a high level that was unthinkable only a few years ago for a polymer blade fin. Acceleration, maximum speed and acceleration from the sea bottom are all extremely good. We are not talking about a record performance, but definitely a very high one in every situation.

Even the finning during surface transfers is amazingly easy and effective.

All this determines the fact that the Cressi Gara Turbo Impulse are extremely easy to use. They are a perfect choice for beginners and even more advanced freedivers and spearfishermen. All this put together positions the Cressi Gara Turbo Impulse among the best polymer blade spearfishing and freediving fins on the market. Comfort and performance are both at extremely high levels.

Direction and shallow water

The length of the blades (max 63 cm from the curve under the foot) of the new polymer fins by Cressi is not excessive, which is another aspect that makes finning more easy. In addition, especially in spearfishing, this aspect is key. Moving among the rocks and in shallow water is done with a reduced risk of hitting the blades on underwater objects, such as rocks or the sea floor. The dove tail profile of the flap still determines lateral edges more likely to hit the rocks compared to convex profile flaps. The fact that the blades are in polymer additionally helps to avoid braking them in case of shocks.

The control of the dive is also excellent, with the fins never sliding laterally, giving a perfect direction in every moment.

In addition, the Cressi Gara Turbo Impulse fins are totally silent, with the polymer blade never generating any sound. This, often, is not true for composite material fins.

Medium to deep dives

The Cressi Gara Turbo Impulse definitely perform excellently for dives that go down to -15 meters or even more. The smoothness of the kick offers great comfort and relaxation, while the thrust is constant and effective in every moment of the dive. In no situation are these fins showing any lack of performance.

Going towards -20 meters or more, it is evident that polymer fins cannot offer the reactivity of composite material, especially carbon fiber. Still the quality of the elasticized techno-polymer compound specifically studied and developed by Cressi permits good dive performance also at deep depths.

Additional elements

The Cressi Gara Turbo Impulse have only one stiffness blade and the blades must necessarily be matched with the Cressi Turbo (or Impulse) foot-pockets.


  • Ease of dressing 10
  • Lightness 8
  • Comfort 9
  • Fatigue 9
  • Speed 8
  • Acceleration 8
  • Acceleration from the bottom 8
  • Surface transfers 9
  • Ease of finning 9
  • Encumbrance 9
  • Dive directional control 9
  • Dives down to -15 meters 9
  • Dives down to – 25 meters 8
  • Noise 10
  • Adjustment possibilities no
  • Adaptation to other foot-pockets no


The Cressi Gara Turbo Impulse fins are a point of reference among polymer blade spearfishing and freediving fins. They can also compete with many composite material blade fins.

The perfect matching of the blade with the Turbo foot-pocket generates and excellent solution in terms of absolute comfort and ease of use, with very good performance characteristics in almost any condition.