(by Carlo Forni)

We will never stop underlining how somehow Cressi sling spearguns definately have something in them more than competition: Cressi sling spearguns “own” inside them years and years of Cressi know how.

Cressi Cherokee Open Camo 75

The Cressi Cherokee Open is indeed one of the top of the line and most modern sling spearguns by Cressi, and has in it the top quality solutions by the Italian Company. The Cressi Cherokee Open Camo 75, as well seen in the dossier of best sling spearguns between 100 and 200 € list price, has a nice camouflage gold, black and brown solution, which indeed does not really represent a difference in hiding from fish, but surely makes our speargun more attractive. More interesting is the setup, with one circular 18 mm diameter elastic band for quick reload, 6.5 mm single barb shaft, 100% stainless steel release mechanism, anathomical grip, no reel, but the line with a comfortable bunjee to keep it in tension all the time when positioned with the speargun loaded. The very compact muzzle (which could hold double circular bands) includes an integrated magnet that well holds the shaft in its position, even when the line is not tied around it.

Sea floor and conditions

With the Cressi Cherokee Open Camo 75 and this specific setup, definately the use can go from spearfishing in the dens and shots using the ambush technique, while shots in open water are also possible, but evidentlt some limits (only 75 cm lenght, 6.5 mm diameter shaft and no reel) for hunting big preys are present.

I so decided to spearfish in an area of central Italy, (San Felice Circeo, Lazio region), where maximum depth is 8 meters and best technique is hunting in the dens, but even more the ambush in very shallow water.

Test in the water

Extremely light, with a unique brandishing possibility that really feels comfortable even amongst the waves in shallow water close to the rocks of the cost. Only a slight feeling that maybe an even smaller diameter, a 6.25 mm, shaft could be even more effective in reducing weight.

First difficult shots among the waves with seabreams moving all over the place are not in target, but it is great how easy and quick reloading is even in these turbulent condtions and, I must say, even the magnet integrated in the muzzle is of great help keeping the shaft in place while sliding it to lock it in the release system and then positioning the line to addtionally keep the shaft in place. Quick reload with one single powerful and explosive circular 18 mm diameter band and a nice solution of taking the line out sight with the lateral wings on the handle. Precision and speed of the shot of the Cressi Cherokee Open Camo 75 are amazingly good, and maybe only the lightness of the system asks for some care to control some non so evident recoil that can lead to slightly high shots.

Once more the most evident aspect of the Cressi Cherokee Open Camo 75 is the amazing handle and the feeling that there could be no better angle and alignment with the arm to result in an extremely precise shot.

Catch of the mullet

Finally a good catch comes to reach when I was moving in aroung half a meter of water, where actually big seabreams and mullets could be found, and indeed three of them suddenly appeared in front of me in a small circular den in the rocky sea floor, going down another half a meter, where the mullets has found what they believed a good shelter. Shot was quick, fast and effective, and especially the brandishing was so good I had the possibility to aim fast to one of the mullets swimming in circles.


For spearfishing in the dens, but still keeping some margin for longer shots, the Cressi Cherokee Open Camo 75 is an amazing offer, which puts together high Cressi Made in Italy quality, with perfect performance for such length of speargun and specific fast and shot-medium shots technique. Brandishing is amazing, reloading in any condition absolutely easy and fast, both for the compactness of all componets, lightness of the entire speargun, simplicity, and some special solutuons such as the magnet in the muzzle. For spearfishing in the den for sure a smaller diameter shaft (from 6.5 to 6.25 mm) would work better with no real downside (except meeting a big grouper, but one setup cannot work for all). Also, it would also be great to have a shorter barb specific for such technique.