We have well analyzed the Cressi Atom in our x-rays, outlining the good design of this compact frameless solution made by the great Italian Company. Even if not a record winner of the internal volume reduction, the Cressi Atom has definitely its strength in the comfort.


Wearing the Cressi Atom is easy and the facial adapts well to the face. The sealing effect is also excellent, with no water at all entering the mask during our long spearfishing session. The signs on the face after 3 hours of spearfishing were really limited thanks to the very soft silicone. Still, what is even more important is that the lenses were sufficiently far from the eyes, with no risk of the eye lashes touching the tempered glass. Additionally, there was no area at all, tested by the Apneapassion team athletes, that generated pressure on the face, for example the forehead. The latter is in fact often an area at risk with frameless masks and can generate pain after hours at sea.

Cressi Atom frameless mask test

Internal volume

We have not yet certified the internal volume, but we can say it is well reduced, but not at the level of the best frameless masks. This can be sightly felt by the quantity of air one has to use to equalize the mask when going down to 20 meters and coming back up, with the air expanding and, with the right technique, inhaling it back.

Field of view

Cressi Atom frameless mask test

Even though we have not yet certified the field of view with our special measuring process, we can say that the Cressi Atom has a very good value, even if not a record one. The field of view is great laterally and in the lower part, while it has some slight limit in the upper part, due to the lenses being cut in a wide but a little bit narrow shape, and also not being too close to the eyes. This is a strong point for comfort, but reduces slightly the field of view.


The Cressi Atom is one of the most comfortable frameless masks, as far as we can say after our test. The Atom is also extremely light, and this is an additional comfort element. Its internal volume and field of view are good, but not best class. For such reasons the Cressi Atom mask is at its best for dives down to 15-20 meters, both freediving and spearfishing.