Blue Green Falcon fins 100% carbon fiber already presented on Apneapassion International web magazine, are a real big step forward compared to the previous version fins by the Greek company, the Blue Green Advanced Carbon.

Giovanni Metafuni, official tester of fins for AP, has tested the soft version, which for his weight (90 Kg) and height (190 cm) could eventually not be the perfect stiffness, but still have given great results.

The test

(By Giovanni Metafuni)

Surface transfers

The Blue Green Falcon fins in the soft version give a feeling of fullness in the whole amplitude of the kick. In the movement on the surface, if done against the current it is necessary to adopt a medium to narrow kick, while a wider kick would be counterproductive. On the contrary, if there is no current or it goes in favor a wide kick is appropriate.

Shallow water

In shallow water I would say, for the reasons above, the Blue Green Falcon fins are not most probably the perfect choice, due to their great length and their pasty effect, that are not the best characteristics in such conditions, as and where shallow water does not permit to utilize all the potential of such top quality fins.

Medium to deep dives

In dives down to and up from 15 meters depth or more you begin to feel the quality of the carbon fiber with which the Blue Green Falcon fins are built and designed, but they give the best performance at the detachment from the bottom at 20-30 meters, where they express their best with a constant propulsion and that feeling of security that characterizes them.


Particularly suitable for those who love to spearfish deep, the soft version of the Blue Green Falcon fins are adequate for spearos with a body structure from 175 cm up and a weight of 75-80 kg up. Ascent speed for someone like me, who is 190 cm x 90 kg, is 56/59 meters per minute.