After having communicated the winner of the Best Choice in the above 200€ category, we go to the cheapest spearguns, the category of classic spearguns below 100€. These can be really a good choice for simple uses. The finalists of this category are the Pathos Alma Open, the Picasso Cobra Rail and the Cressi Comanche Rail. The selected winner of the Best Choice in this category is the Picasso Cobra Rail, let’s see why.

Picasso Cobra Rail, of superior category

The Picasso Cobra Rail is the winner of the Best Choice by Apneapassion 2023 in its category. Even though the prices of the three finalists are all aligned, for the 60 cm version, to 90 euros, the speargun from the Portuguese company represents a seemingly higher-end product.

It is the only one of the three finalist sling spearguns also available in camouflage and still under 100 € in the 60 cm version. The handle is well made with non-slip soft white rubber cover clearly visible on the bottom. The release mechanism castle and trigger are made of glass-filled nylon, but the internal components are made of steel to allow more rubber bands to be safely loaded, certainly a strong element of the Picasso Cobra Rail. However, the mechanism is a standard solution. The line release lever is positioned in the most effective and easiest way, laterally to the handle. The steel ring under the handle to securely connect the sling speargun to a line is very valuable.

The 28 mm diameter aluminum barrel includes the integrated shaft guide, a major strength just like the Cressi Comanche Rail. The muzzle is open with 16 or 18 mm circular elastic depending on the length of the sling speargun, and with two holes for the possibility of using two circular elastic bands. The shaft is made of 6 or 6.5 mm diameter steel with notches. The wishbone is made of articulated steel. Really so much for such an affordable speargun.

The other two finalists strong elements

The Pathos Alma Open is well finished with the D’Angelo 1 handle that has been appreciated for years, complete with two small side fins that allow for better positioning of the monofilament. The line release is positioned at the top and is a small steel pin, a classic Pathos solution. The release mechanism is with “inverted” solution, which is certainly a winning strong point of this speargun, as it supports better heavy loads by the elastic bands. The visual cleanliness of the line of sight is excellent. The 28 mm diameter barrel has excellent black anodization, but does not include the shaft guide. The shaft is a 6.25mm diameter Sandvik solution, a higher category choice, albeit still with notches. The open muzzle has a single passage (a closed solution is also available) mounts a 17.5 mm circular rubber band, but two smaller diameter circulars can also be mounted.

The strength of Cressi is its years of experience in the sling spearguns industry, an aspect that generates unseen but real qualities throughout the Cressi range. The handle and angle between it and the barrel are always ideal. The Cressi Comanche Rail, has a standard release mechanism and not made of steel, a common feature among most sling spearguns under 100€. The Italian company’s sling speargun features an extremely good 28 mm diameter barrel with an integrated shaft guide. The muzzle is closed with standard 16 mm rubber bands, but can also be set up with a circular rubber band. It mounts a beautiful 6 mm burnished steel shaft with notches, matched with a steel wishbone. The handle is excellent with a white anti-slip soft rubber cover, a colour clearly visible on the bottom of the sea. The line release lever under the hilt is an improvable item.

The Best Choice by Apneapassion prize evaluation

Apneapassion underlines that the Best Choice is a fully independent prize, assigned after deep testing by the 9 athletes of the Apneapassion International Official team. The result of the Best Choice does not want to be an indisputable opinion, as personal preferences and adaptations to each product can determine different opinions and likes. Still, the use of a large number of independent athletes (who’s sponsor is only Apneapassion) permits to give spearfishing and freediving enthusiasts our best possible evaluation of each winner. We are open to any company who would want to participate with its most competitive products to the Best Choice by Apneapassion yearly prize. For any additional information contact