We have received a number of wetsuits for the Apnea category, but as there are differences between Apnea Indoor and Apnea Outdoor/freediving, we decided for this year to focus on the best Apnea indoor wetsuits. Definitely, an easier sport to practice for everyone compared to spearfishing and freediving, Indoor Apnea simply needs a swimming pool to train and perform. This aspect makes Indoor Apnea more and more popular all around the world, both in areas where the sea or ocean are far away, or where they are close but people want to train and, in the cold period keep fit for the warm season. Indoor Apnea wetsuits need to be designed with a thin neoprene, possibly a maximum 2 mm thick, adhere perfectly to the body, avoiding water sacs that slow down the diver, still giving maximum comfort. The perfect seal of the wrists and, more critical, the neck closure, are key. The Best Choice Finalists in the Indoor Apnea wetsuits category, evaluated with the main help of Luciano Morelli, Apnea Academy instructor since 1998 and Indoor agonist with World Medals and Italian records, and Andrea Micarelli, silver medal at the Giro d’Italia in Apnea Europe Evolution Cup of Apnea Academy, member of the ASD Water Instinct apnea school, are the Beuchat Zento, the Salvimar Zeero Thermo and the C4 Carbon Sideral.

Beuchat Zento

Leader in wetsuit design and production, Beuchat with the Zento has produced a practically perfect Apnea Indoor wetsuit. The softness of the 2 mm thick Elaskin neoprene, the cut, the seal at wrists and ankles and, most importantly, the closure of the neck, with the 3C – Closing Comfort Collar, are excellent. The latter, in particular, is the best neck closure tested. An easy-to-wear solution for high performance and comfort.

Salvimar Zeero Thermo

Salvimar in recent years has been the company putting the most effort in promoting Indoor and Outdoor Apnea and producing top performing equipment for such sports, especially wetsuits. The 1.5 mm thick Salvimar Zeero Thermo is the wetsuit focused 100% on performance. Wearing such wetsuit for the first time can feel quite tricky as the wetsuit is extremely tight on the body, also due to the polyurethane external layer. The latter improves the sliding effect in the water, but initially makes the neoprene harder. After a few times the wetsuit adapts to the body and comfort definitely improves. The Salvimar Zeero Thermo is the wetsuit for professionals!

C4 Sideral

New in the sector, C4 Carbon has done a great job to bring a top-quality wetsuit in the Apnea Indoor sector, the C4 Sideral. The softness of the 2 mm thick Glide Skin neoprene used has no equal, and so does the comfort. The closure of the neck can be improved.

After the polymer and carbon fiber blade fins, the under 100€ sling spearguns, the torches, the accessories, and the pneumatic spearguns, these are the Best Choice Finalists in the Indoor Apnea wetsuits category…who will win?