The category of sling spearguns between 100 and 200€ is definitely one of the key segments of the market where the battle between companies is stronger. We are talking about the most looked at and bought sling spearguns by average and strong spearfishermen, where the technology is high with technical solutions and ease of use. The spearguns are normally singular or double circular bands solutions, with high level aluminium barrels and 100% stainless steel release mechanisms. We have in this category, as Best Choice Finalists, three outstanding products, and it has been hard to leave out some other spearguns of excellent qualities. The double circular system spearguns of such category do not have amazing functional differences, and it is in the details that finally the finalists have obtained the most coveted podium among the ones of the prize. The Best Choice Finalists of the sling spearguns between 100 and 200€ are the new Pathos Saragos EVO Pro, the new Salvimar Ares and the Sigalsub Nemesis Pro.

Pathos Saragos EVO PRO

Newly launched on the market this year, with the World Première shown by Apneapassion at the Boat & Fishing Show in Athens at the beginning of the year, the Pathos Saragos EVO PRO puts together all the know-how of the Greek company with the amazing experience in competitions of the Pathos team and of the World Champion Giacomo De Mola. Not something small we would say!

The new components of the Pathos Saragos EVO PRO compared to the Saragos “standard” are so many. The 100% stainless steel release mechanism has been fine tuned, more progressive and sensitive than the previous. Now the system is also adapted to a wider audience of customers thanks to a lateral line release lever. The barrel has also been developed with an upgraded integrated shaft guide that is complete with 4 rails that reduce friction. The barrel is a traditional circular section with no special reinforcement.

The muzzle is completely new, with an extremely compact shape and preformed design, now with two holes for the positioning of circular elastic bands. The shape of the muzzle perfectly orientates the bands parallel to the shaft for best precision and efficiency of the shot. The stickers on the barrel to logo it are not at the level of the speargun, and the reel is also not finished as well as it could be.

The test in the sea has given great feedback, with excellent power, good precision and low recoil, and where the real strength has been the amazing balance of the Saragos EVO PRO. Definitely deserves to be among the Best Choice Finalists.

Sigalsub Nemesis Pro

The Sigalsub Nemesis has become in the last years a brand within the Sigalsub brand. There are an amazing amount of spearos passionate about the Nemesis. But it is for its many qualities the speargun of the Italian company has reached the finals of the Best Choice both in this category, and in the over 200€ one with the Nemesis Carbon version.

The Sigalsub Nemesis has a very compact muzzle, non too easy to load with the monofilament, but surely with a reduced section for the best swing of the speargun. Still, it has a simple double hole solution for the passage of the circular bands, without a preformation that gives the latter the best possible orientation parallel to the shaft. The barrel has a reinforced inferior part with thicker wall, which improves stiffness, and a well designed integrated shaft guide which makes the shaft rest on two rails, reducing friction. The handle is well designed with an orange anti-slip grip and a 100% stainless steel release mechanism. All these aspects and the great power generated by the double circular 14.5 mm Sigalsub Reactive bands, the precision and the recoil control make the Nemesis a very good and high quality speargun. The Edy reel is a good value for money solution, compact and functional.

Salvimar Ares

The Salvimar Ares is a completely new spearguns, which shows once more the strength and capacity of Salvimar to design, produce and launch on the market new quality and innovative products with amazing speed. Already presented as a real “Masterpiece” in our X-Rays article, and subsequently tested in the sea with exceptional results, here we only want to point out the key elements of this excellent product.

The Salvimar Ares brings to market a number of key elements and does it with unbeatable perfection. The polygonal section barrel improves stiffness, is amazingly neat and perfectly manufactured. Key is the fact that the lateral height of the barrel of the Ares is lower than competition (25.5 mm versus 31.8 mm of the Pathos Saragos EVO and 31.2 mm of the Sigalsub Nemesis). Such solution definitely improves lateral swing still maintaining great stiffness. The black anodization with acid green logos has no equal on the market as for perceived quality. The barrel is complete with an integrated shaft guide with no rails, but a rounder base adapt for many different diameter shafts.

The handle is also completely new, with a one piece solution with the chest support and a design which keep the hand “blocked” to the grip. If this is too much for a big hand, better use the symmetrical grip solution instead of the asymmetrical right hander (there is no left hander). Two well designed lateral wings help the positioning of the monofilament away from the line of aim.

The muzzle is so easy to load with the monofilament, it really helps in any sea condition. The inferior barb of the shaft resting on the muzzle tip avoids the use of the retaining O-Ring, with much better comfort and time saving when reloading. The design of the muzzle with two separate holes gives perfect orientation of the circular bands parallel to the shaft.

The release mechanism is the Heavy metal 350, an amazingly well designed and resistant system with many MIM (Metal Injection Moulding) components. It has also another small but interesting accessory, the acid green viewfinder. The new self centering system is also a plus, but it needs to work with the specific Salvimar Bolt shaft.

Finally the reel, the Mini or Max Reel by Salvimar, as for the rest of the speargun, an amazingly and excellently refined accessory, where finishes cannot be reached by the other two Best Choice finalists.