The spearfishing wetsuits segment is extremely crowded with a huge number of models designed by each of the main companies, taking into consideration the standard, non tailor-made wetsuits. Among so much offer, it has been hugely hard to find the wetsuit that we believe, on the basis of their cut, softness, resistance and price, the Best spearfishing solution on the market. 4 wetsuits have been the selected finalists, each one of them having extremely strong characteristics. The Best Choice Finalists in the Spearfishing Wetsuits category are the Beuchat Espadon Prestige, the Cressi Seppia, the Mares Illusion Brown and the Seac Snake.

Beuchat Espadon Prestige

The Beuchat Espadon Prestige deserves to be among the Best Choice Finalists first of all as it is by all means the softest externally lined internally open cell neoprene standard wetsuit. The softness of the neoprene and the Ultra-soft Elaskin X 8.8 external lining is unbeatable and makes such wetsuit as soft as smooth-open cell neoprene solutions. All the possible details of this French cut wetsuit are top level, with the borders of the face, wrists and ankles folded with externally smooth neoprene. The Long John pants can be easily cut thanks Precut System (Beuchat exclusive) while the Braca Concept (also Beuchat Exclusive) is a simpler alternative to the pissette. All details of such an amazing wetsuit, which has no equals for what regards comfort, but evidently can be a little bit more delicate than other externally lined wetsuits, can be found on our X-Rays article.

Cressi Seppia

Indeed the Cressi Seppia is another top of the line product, this time with the design by the Italian synonym of excellence in spearfishing, freediving and scuba diving products, Cressi. All top quality details, like the borders of face, wrists, ankles and waist are with folded externally smooth neoprene. As the Beuchat Espadon Prestige plays nicely with the Magic Camo, the Cressi Seppia puts together a camouflage solution also slightly changing colour when wet, united with the image breakdown system. The comfort and softness of the Cressi Seppia are amazing, still just half a step below the Beuchat Espadon Prestige. On the other hand the resistance of the external lining of the Italian wetsuit seems half a step ahead the French. The Aqua Stop System by Cressi is a nice system to regulate the thermal insulation. Here a nice video presentation of the Cressi Seppia.

Mares Illusion Brown

The Mares Illusion Brown is a different solution from the rest. It presents a very attractive camo, with images of the sea floor, extremely soft neoprene and, what has been felt by the entire Apneapassion Test Team, has an excellent cut for best comfort. The Mares Illusion Brown does not though have top end finishes of the borders of face, ankles, wrists and waist as the other three Best Choice Finalists, but net cuts. In the end though the final result is extremely good. Some more details on our X-Rails article, where we must though specify that today the Mares Illusion Brown has two buttons to close the inferior part of the jacket. The price could be slightly lower, but with a special offer by Mares Pure Passion the Illusion Brown is worth a good thought.

Seac Snake

The new spearfishing wetsuit by the Italian Company, the Seac Snake, is extremely beautiful, with a very interesting camo solution. Such innovative exclusive Seacsub camouflage pattern sees a texture built with a series of multicolored scales, with continuous tonal contrasts that create an optical illusion with a three-dimensional effect. The result is a depth perception that confuses the human silhouette by transforming it into numerous individual spots of color.

The 100% UltraStretch neoprene is both glued and sewn with BlindStitch to ensure durability and thermal insulation. Wrists, ankles, face contour and waist are all complete with folded externally smooth neoprene, the Seac Aquastop, to improve water seal. The Seac Snake is available in Lady and Man version, with different cuts for jacket and pants and different shapes for the sternal speargun loading support. PU Print protectors on the knees are extremely resistant, still designed in separate sections to avoid compromising excessively the ultra-elasticity of the neoprene.

The softness of the Seac Snake is, so, particularly good, but the Italian company has decided to balance such quality with great resistance to wear and also reduction of the squeezing effect of the neoprene when diving deep. The Seac Snake is definitely a very interesting product which determines a big step forward by the Italian company in the Spearfishing Wetsuits sector.