They are, with the pneumatics, the most powerful solutions among spearguns, the Inverter and Roller systems. The great power and extremely reduced recoil of these spearguns contrast with more difficulty in utilizing them, considering in particular the loading phase where, less for the Roller and more for the Inverter, the monofilament and the pulleys can be a complex system to tidy up after each shot. These spearguns as so thought for more professional spearos, also due to their higher cost. We have analyzed quite e few and have selected as Best Choice Finalists of the Invert Roller category the following: Salvimar Tomahawk, Sigalsub Nemesis HT and Picasso Magnum BW Carbon Invert Roller.

Salvimar Tomahawk

The Salvimar Tomahawk brings with it all the fantastic solutions of the Salvimar Hero, which we have deeply tested, and that is among the Best Choice Finalists of traditional spearguns above 200€. The power system studied by Salvimar and their Product Manager Massimo Quattrone had the aim to put together all the power of an Inverter solution, still keeping the system simple in the reloading phase. Indeed, they have succeeded in both of these aspects.

The tests have shown ease of loading, great finishes of each component, such as trigger, line release lever and muzzle, and fantastic precision of the shot with zero recoil. The power is very good, but not the best among the finalists. Still, a tuning could lead to an increase. Once more, as for the Hero, the important structure of the Tomahawk, with its big elliptical reinforced barrel, makes this speargun the best for aspetto, and absolutely a great, much cheaper and with very reduced maintenance alternative to wooden spearguns. As for wooden spearguns, it is not an easy to swing object and so not an all rounder. It needs a loading accessory, which helps the less expert spearos to whom Salvimar has had a special eye for with this speargun, but a separate accessory can always be lost or forgotten.

Sigalsub Nemesis HT

The very new product by Sigalsub, the Nemesis HT, the Inverter version of the famous Nemesis, is among the Best Choice Finalists. Not a surprize considering that the double circular solution Nemesis in the finalists also with the standard aluminium version, for the 100 to 200€ category, and with the carbon fiber version in the above 200€ category.

Also launched in the Roller version, what has impressed the Apneapassion Test Team is the Inverter solution, the Nemesis HT (High Tech), which we have received just in time for the International Award Camp 2023. Great power, optimal swing thanks to a traditional but reinforced circular aluminium barrel, and a very compact muzzle, the Sigalsub Nemesis HT is an all rounder, capable of great shots but also excellent manoeuvrability. The loading system can be a little complex, but does not need an accessory, which is a thing less one can forget or lose.

Picasso Magnum BW Carbon Invert Roller

Apart for the too long name 🙂 , the Picasso Magnum BW Carbon Invert Roller is an extremely beautiful speargun and the cuttlefish bone shape of the barrel makes it even more attractive and higher level. The cost is not at all high for such a speargun, considering the power system and the preformed carbon fiber barrel. All the elements are in place with also an integrated shaft guide and a quite compact muzzle.

Of course, the release mechanism in this category is always 100% stainless steel and inverted. The lateral line release lever is actually a little bit too small. Greater dimensions and a more V shaped profile could retain better the monofilament. The white soft rubber grip is perfect for its visibility on the sea floor and the anti-slip effect. A nice steel ring below the grip is excellent to connect the buoy when shooting at big preys. The loading system does not need an additional accessory.