We present in World Preview the Hero, the new revolutionary speargun by Salvimar, a company that once more astonishes us with a product rich of innovations and complete with every detail.

Apneapassion is the only media today able to present in World Preview all details of the New Salvimar Hero. Innovative solutions are many, let us analyze them one by one.

In brief 

Elliptical barrel with O-Ring sealing and internal Nylon structure, completely new handle and release mechanism, and new double circula bands muzzler, Nylon Teflon open shaft guide: the Hero is a completely new product in every detail.

The barrel

Aim of Salvimar in designing the elliptical barrel of the Hero was to obtain a light, rigid and resistant structure able to be well balanced in the water even with a 7.5 mm diameter shaft. The barrel designed for the Hero is the first elliptical solution by Salvimar. In the 105 version the barrel is 103 cm long, with walls 1.3 mm thick, while section is 48 mm wide and 26 mm high. Material is aluminium.


In reality section of the barrel is not exactly elliptical, but is wider in the upper part for a more appealing design. Still on the external design side, Salvimar had created a footholds profile of the section on the uppper part of the barrel. On the lower part of the barrel a thicker rectangular section is added to give more strength and rigidity, and also to mount the Max Reel.


But revolution is inside, where some “I” shaped Nylon sections, with upper and lower horizontal segments rounded on the external surface to perfectly match the internal one of the barrel, are inserted slightly forced inside the barrel to determine additional rigidity to the structure. The “I” section segments are used in construction engineering as they have the best rigidity/strength compared to weight ratio. The segments in the barrel also have circular holes in the vertical part to generate an even lighter structure.


Well visible is the shaft open guide, which is designed with a dismountable solution made of more segments of a few cm and connected to the barrel sliding onto a guide. Extremely attractive is the acid green colour of the inserts on the black colour of the barrel, which also work as additional line of aim. Segments are made of Nylon added with Teflon, to reduce friction and noise, and improve sliding of the shaft and power of the shot.


Handle and release mechanism 

Handle is completely new, including the release mechanism, and it has so many novelties it is hard to decide where to start from.


The first aspect, which is also the most revolutionary, is the connection with the barrel, which is made using two elliptical O-Rings, a unique solution on the market. Generally, in fact, connection between handle and barrel is not water tight, but is made with two stoppers, one per side of the barrel to avoid the latter to fill up with water, permitting the internal volume in the part of the handle entering in the barrel to fill up with water, with consequent loss of volume of air and so bouancy. The same situation happens on the muzzler side. Salvimar instead has wanted to design a solution with O-Rings to be able to save the additonal internal volume of air, so to optimize the bouancy of the Hero, even using a 7.5 mm diameter shaft. After many months of research, Salvimar has managed to design elliptical O-Rings that guaranteed water tight sealing of the barrel, handle and muzzler.

HeroImpugnaturaSezioneEllitticaExternally one can notice immediately the strongly anatomical shape of the grip, a novelty for Salvimar and a solution usually present on wooden spearguns. Not only. The Hero is sold with two inserts, one for right and one for left handed spearos. All, of course, in acid green colour.


Still looking at the external design, it is possible to notice how finally Salvimar has added the lateral wings for the passage of the line, a simple solution to move the line away from the fins of the shaft and the line of aim. Such wings also serve to protect the lateral line steel holder connected to the release mechanism, in case the Hero is lied down and accidentally stepped onto, or some big weight is positioned on it.


The release mechanism is also a novelty, not much in its internal geometry, that recalls the Metal, but in the dimensions, totally increased, including the wheel in contact with the release tooth. All of this with the aim of designing a more rigid structure able to increse sensitivity in the shot. Even the lateral steel holder of the line is new in design and dimensions.

HeroReleaseMechanism 2


Under the hilt a screw for the regulation of the position of the trigger is present, while at the base of the grip the ring for the connection of the line is dismountable and made of steel, to resist also to the pull of big preys connected to the bungee and the float.

HeroFustoInferioreokThe sternal support is new and a unique peace with the handle, with a limited contact surface to the chest, covered with hard rubber, of course acid green colour.



Completely new is also the muzzler, evidently designed for the elliptical barrel. Also in this case, just as for the handle, connection is water tight thanks to two elliptical O-Rings, optimizing the volume of air inside the Hero. The muzzler holds two circular bands positioned in a single hole. The design of the muzzler has two slots that permit the perfect positioning of the rubber bands, which adhere well all along the barrel.

The positioning of the line on the muzzler, which is of the open type, is made with good dimension protuberances which guarantee that the line will not lose its position. This is true both in the upper part and in the lower part, where a well dimensioned glass loaded Nylon lip is present for the line to be passed round it and back to the line holder of the release mechanism.



Setting and price

Salvimar Hero is set with the new Max Reel with 75 meters 1.5 mm diameter line rolling capacity, well visible acid green Nylon line, 140 cm long and 7.5 mm diameter shaft with single barb positioned infefiorly. The barb needs a rubber ring to be kept close, but Salvimar will produce slightly shorter shafts so that the barb will be kept close directly by the muzzler: a very comfortable solution. The two elastic circular bands are 16 mm of diameter with elongation cohefficient of 325%. The unofficial indicative price for the Hero 105 is around 300 euros (European price).

For the technical data sheet of the Salvimar Hero click here.