Titanall is new on the market, but has loads of technology to design and produce amazing knives and Titanium equipment, as already presented in our first article on this company. 

We have already presented the fish stringers, one of which has also a small knife included and is called Titanall Fish-cut, which makes it a tool that can be included in this dossier. After that, Titanall has gone forward with the Titanall T-Blade knife, a very neat solution, where the knife is, of course, 100% grade 5 aeronautical Titanium, and the sheath has the base structure in Delrin and the cover in Titanium.

Titanall T-Blade & Fish-cut in the sheaths

The handle

Made one piece with the blade, all the Titanall T-Blade knife is 100% grade 5 aeronautical Titanium. The handle is 80 mm long, 25 mm max-width and 3 mm thick.

Titanall T-Blade in the shaeths with handle visible

Incorporated in the handle of the Titanall T-Blade the passage for the shaft straightening and unblocking system, with the circular hole having a 9 mm diameter able to host any diameter shafts.

The blade

Compact with a cuspid profile tip, the blade, 100% grade 5 aeronautical Titanium, has a standard cutting profile on one side and a slightly toothed alternate with a standard blade on the other side. Usable length is on both sides as long as the blade itself and equal to 68 mm, while max-width is 21 mm and thickness 3 mm.

Titanall T-Blades and sheaths

The sheath

Of a nice in cool design, the base is made in Delrin, and available in red or black. It has a passage for the weight belt, no straps are available for positioning it on the arm and calf, but the dimensions of the knife plus sheath (total length 160 mm) definitely make the Titanall T-Blade usable in such positions. Soon Titanall will also make these straps available, in the meantime, they can be bought from other brands.

The cover of the sheath is made of Titanium and positioned on the base with 3 Allen key head screws, so definitely and easily dismountable.

Titanall T-Blade partially inserted in the sheath
Steel sphere connecting to the hole in the handle

The locking between blade and sheath is obtained with a very advanced solution of an steel ball on spring that perfectly fits a round hole at the end of the blade handle.

For the technical data sheet of the Titanall T-Blade click here.

For the technical data sheet of the Titanall Fish-cut click here.

Titanall is looking for distributors all around the World. For info contact