We have received by the Croatian company a tailor made Subcraft Smooth Camo wetsuit with a nice design and very soft neoprene. 

Materials and protections

Made of 7 mm Heiwa SK smooth open-cell neoprene, but available in all main neoprenes (Yamamoto, Sheico and Daiwabo), the Subcraft Smooth Camo tailor-made wetsuit focuses on great comfort and thermal insulation, adding though protections on elbows and knees with Supratex neoprene inserts (not added on the smooth neoprene, but literally inserted in it). 

The sternal protection is instead smooth externally and has an internal 7 mm thick smooth insert with a scudetto shape.

Finishings and cuts

Top details for the Subcraft Smooth Camo wetsuit, with folded externally smooth and internally lined neoprene on wrists, ankles, face contour and waist profile. This solution increases the sealing effect and strengthens such areas. This by the way also does not include any seams at all on any edge or part of the wetsuit, except for the Nylon band all along the inferior profile of the jacket and the beaver tail. of All the rest is based on bondings. These are single in the various areas, but are double in the edges where the folded neoprene is applied. 

The base of the jacket is externally lined in the last 9 cm, while internally it is open-cell to perfectly match and seal when in contact with the smooth surface of the pants. Only the area of the two closing clips for the jacket and the beaver tail itself have also got internally lined neoprene.

Pants are complete with a useful pisette, which helps keep thermal insulation, especially in Winter with cold water. The beaver tail has a clever forked design, so the pisette can be positioned in the central cut with much better comfort. 

Pants are not particularly high in the waist, which measures 34 cm at the front and 40 cm at the rear.

The underarm area of the jacket has a traditional rhomboidal neoprene element to preform the area. The back of the jacket, differently from most of the smooth open-cell wetsuits, has a central bonded cut, which surely is aimed to preform the area to best adapt to the back of the spearo’s body, reducing passage or sacks of water. 

Available thicknesses are 3, 5, 7 and 8 mm. Jacket and pants can be ordered and bought separately.

Special solutions

We particularly like the forked beaver tail for the pisette, and the central bonded cut on the back of the jacket for best preformation. 

Plus and Minus


  • Extremely soft and fast drying due to smooth open-cell neoprene
  • Good Supratex inserts in the key positions
  • Forked beaver tail design for the pisette


  • Waist height is not very big and could be improved if higher to well protect stomach and back

To download the full technical data sheet of the Subcraft Smooth Camo wetsuit click here.