The next generation of the Sporasub J55, presented in the first Best Winter Wetsuits Dossier, the Sporasub J60 has an opel cell smooth solution neoprene and many details to improve performance. 

Materials and protections

The first aspect to point out is the fact that Sporasub has decided to move to a more resistant (and a little harder) open cell smooth neoprene solution, which definitely keeps the great quality of drying out quickly externally, key for the Winter period, and increases also strength and resistance, but also is less elastic and a little harder than the open cell smooth neoprene of the Sporasub J55 (which was absolutely the softest on the market, but extremely delicate). 

Protections of the Sporasub J60 are well-positioned and present in all key areas, such as elbows, knees and stern. In addition, the latter has been redesigned compared to the J55, determining a stronger structure, with the externally lined neoprene going down all the way from the chest to the base of the jacket, and so reducing the weak points of junction between the smooth and the lined neoprene patches. The material of all externally lined neoprene patches is Nylon, and such neoprene is called L-FOAM by Sheico. 

The sternal protection has an additional internal patch that determines for all wetsuits (5, 6.6 and 8.5 mm) a total thickness of 10 mm.

Sporasub J60 Sandwich wetsuit

Finishings and cuts

All edges of wrists, ankles, face contour and pants waist border are in externally Nylon lined neoprene between 1.5 to 2.5 mm width.

The lower part of the jacket of the Sporasub J60 internally is almost completely open cell, so it perfectly seals the wetsuit when in contact with the smooth external neoprene of the pants…great!

The beavertail is well made and reinforced with a thick elastic Nylon lining that goes all the way along the inferior border of the jacket. The closure is obtained with traditional double clips. 

The underarm area is made with a rhomboidal neoprene patch to adapt to the body of the spearo. 

The cap has an internal lining in the position of the ears to avoid the sucker effect, which can be very annoying. The chin closure of the cap has important stitching outside, but minimal inside, so it should not generate any bother on the skin.

The high waist pants are slightly higher at the back to protect the back from cold. The option of two Nylon bands to hang the pants is very useful and comfortable. 

Gluings in general appear of much better quality compared to the J55. 

Sporasub J60 wrist and waist finishings
Sporasub J60 chin stitching
Sporasub J60 underarm cuts

Special solutions

No revolution, but a lot of details, like knees and elbows covers, pants’ bands to hang them, great design of the chest area and the inferior part of the jacket indicate a high-quality product, with a lot of attention to duration and resistance

Plus and Minus


  • Pants Nylon bands
  • Good design of the chest and lower part of the jacket


  • Borders in externally lined neoprene are not as neat as other solutions

For the complete data chart of the Sporasub J60 wetsuit click here.