Fifth wetsuit of the Winter Wetsuits Dossier is the Sporasub J55, open ceel interior and smooth exterior neoprene. To follow: Salvimar Nebula, Cressi Tracina and Mares Squadra.

Sporasub has chosen the extremely soft open cell interior smooth exterior neoprene J55 with 8 mm jacket and 5 mm trousers.

In brief

The Sporasub J55 is and extremely professional wetsuit, made of extremely soft neoprene, a great choice for Winter use. With protections on knees and elbows to be used also in shallow water and wavy sea, the Sporasub wetsuit seems at a first analysis to be perfect for best comfort, but it is also a very technical product that should be used with extreme care and attention due to its slightly delicate material. 

Materials and protections

The open cell smooth neoprene of the J55 is made of a specific mixture requested by Sporasub, which results in an unbeatable softness, but at the same time is quite delicate. The solution offered is only black, with no camouflage version. 

External protections are present on knees and elbows and made with externally lined neoprene, on which two V shaped rubber covers are applied, to obtain the important effect of pre-shaping such areas. Dimensions of the protections are quite small, but sufficient to protect the most stressed areas of elbows and knees.

The sternal protection is made of two small neoprene external inserts with a triangular like shape in opposed positions. The upper one, positioned on the sternum, has 9 x 11 cm dimensions, while the lower one, on the belly, measures 7.5 x 9.5 cm. The two pads are connected by an ultrastretch nylon cover of dimensions 12.5 x 33.5 cm, that is larger than the to neoprene elements and creates a thinner contour that insures a smoother transition from the higher thickness of the pads to the smooth neoprene of the jacket external to the sternal protection. This solution aims to reduce tensions in the area and risks of tearing of the neoprene.

Finishings and cuts

Bondings of the Sporasub J55 are good, even though some tiny superficial areas are improvable. All the edges, wrists, ankles, face contour and waist, are finished with folded smooth exterior neoprene, which helps to strengthen such areas and improve sealing.

With the aim of obtaining maximum comfort the J55, in addition to the extremely soft neoprene, has a face contour with a band of neoprene of reduced thickness, equal to 3.5 mm on the 8 mm jacket. At the same time the cap, very well shaped, offers a very narrow opening for maximum thermal protection. Moreover, the chin is glued and not seamed, also for better comfort.

Legs and arms of the J55 are preformed, and in the underarm area two large cloves are present for best adherence of such area to the body.

The lower part of the jacket has a band of internally lined neoprene, which is particularly resistant and permits to grab it with greater confidence reducing risks of tearing during dressing and undressing.

Waist of trousers is high, but with values of measure from the inseams and the edge of the waist which are medium low, compared to the other wetsuits analyzed, with the value at the front equal to 40.5 cm and at the rear 42.5 cm. 

Innovative solutions

There are no real innovations in the Sporasub J55, but we like the great offer of thicknesses from 5 mm on of the jacket (5, 6.5, 8 and 9 mm), which is fundamental for thermal protection in the cold Winter period.

To read and print the data chart of the Sporasub J55, click here

Plus and minus


  • Unbeatable softness of the neoprene
  • Great availability of Winter thicknesses for the jacket: 5 – 6.5 – 8 and 9 mm


  • Neoprene is actually quite delicate and must be manipulated by expert hands

Price on the web

Excellent is the possibility to buy separately jacket and trousers, with choice of different measures and thicknesses.

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