Nice design and ultra-power, the Sporasub Eyelight is another great product of “torches dossier”.

A novelty from last year by Sporasub, the Eyelight is well refined in almost all parts, with a 100% aluminium body and head, plastic case with full accessories and spare parts, and an extremely high light power.



Very compact and perfectly refined, the Sporasub Eyelight has a smart design with a 100% aeronautical 6061 aluminium structure, including the switch, the grip has slots to avoid slipping, with a rough ring between head and body of the torch, which has an untislip function and keep the switch in its slot. The body has a 3 cm diameter, while the head grows to 4.5 cm. The structure of the torch has a circular simmetry along the longitudinal axis, apart from the switch.


The switch, also in aluminium, is magnetic, with on off position and sliding cursor. The solution has been designed so that the sliding of the curson has a little resistance. In such a way occasional unwanted switching on of the torch is mostly avoided. The switch has a wedged shape so it is well feelable with the thumb, even wearing thick gloves, and it is also easily controlled. The shape also helps feeling the position of the torch and gives the opportunity to hold it in the correct way without having to look at it.


With good length, the lace is made of Nylon texture and spring cursor, while a part of the lace is covered with a soft platic tube. The lace could probably be substituted with a more comfortable elastic solution which guarantees better grip on the arm.


LED light and power

Light power is the strong point and focus of the Eyelight. On one hand the torch by Sporasub has a total power (light flow) equal to 960 lumen, practically the strongest until now among the torches of the dossier, on the other the torch has an intesity of concentrated light equal to 23,000 lux, that are equal to the lumen that impact a 1 squared meter orthogonal surface positioned one meter away. In such a way the light beam of the Eyelight is extremely wide and intense and aimed to light wide areas, and not only the narrow cuts in the rocks.

Reflector is made of chromed aluminium, while the lens is made of 4 mm thick hardened glass.

Rechargeable battery

Fantastically presented in its plastic case, with internal sponge cover, the Eyelight is sold complete with battery charger with wall plug, 9 V car plug and USB cable. Battery is 2600 mAh and 3,7 V. Battery life with continuous light is indicated by Sporasub equal to 1 h 12′.


Spare parts

Not offered by a lot of competitors, the Eyelight instead is sold with its case complete with two O-Rings and a switch as spares. The switch is easily substitutable unscrewing the ring on the torch body after having taken off the O-Rings. The switch can then be taken out just sliding it and the new one is slid back in. After that, the ring is screwed back on the torch and the O-Rings are repositioned, using the spare new ones if needed.


Sold as optional, and part of Omer Marco Bardi product line, is the torch head cover, made in rubber and easily mountable pressing it on the Eyelight head. The function of the cover is to protect the torch head from shocks on the rocks and, also, reducing noise made by them.


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