When it comes to spearfishing and freediving bags the offer on the market is huge. Travel and traditional bags, backpacks, fins and spearguns bags are available. Many solutions look alike, but dimensions, materials and details make a huge difference. We have selected some models among the most interesting ones and from the key brands on the market: Beuchat, Cressi, Pathos, Sigalsub and Spetton.

Beuchat Explorer Roll 120L, Explorer HD 114L and Mundial Backpack

Beuchat offers really nice solutions for bags and backpacks. We have received a travel bag, a traditional bag and a fins backpack.

Explorer Roll 120L


First, the travel bag, the Explorer Roll 120L. It is a long bag with two wheels, and dimensions equal to 100x40x30 cm. This permits to store inside even long freediving or spearfishing fins. If these are particularly long it will be worth dismounting the foot pocket from the blade. The wheels are of good diameter and in a silicone material for greater smoothness, silence and cushioning during transportation.

The base of the bag, the Beuchat Shell Case, is a semi-rigid thermoformed EVA back shell for added protection and structure, useful especially when pulling it on its wheels, and to protect the equipment even during your most intense trips.


The upper part of the Beuchat Explorer Roll 120L is in water resistant mix of Nylon/PVC 600D & 1000D. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a widely used plastic material in various applications, including the production of durable fabrics. When referring to PVC 600D and 1000D, the “D” stands for denier, a unit that measures the density of the fabric. Denier quantifies the mass in grams per 9000 meters of yarn; the higher the denier number, the heavier and more robust the fabric will be.

Zippers, handles and pockets

The Beuchat Explorer Roll 120L can be easily opened using a U shaped zipper of good dimensions for a stronger and long lasting solution. Comfortable rubber covered handles on both sides permit to carry and lift the bag. A central carry handle made of two resistant nylon straps connectable by a PVC covered Nylon element with Velcro completes the carrying possibilities.

Externally the Beuchat Explorer Roll 120L has a small pocket with a water resistant zipper to store small thin objects to be kept dry.

Internally, a very large mesh pocket is present under the lid of the bag to separate various objects from the main storage area. The internal area is all covered with 600D Nylon texture.

Explorer HD 114L

Design and materials

The Explorer HD 114L is a soft structure in PVC Tarpaulin. This material has been chosen due to its durability, flexibility, and water-resistant properties. The different sheets of the PVC Tarpaulin are assembled by high frequency welding for a perfect seal. The 114L indicates the litres of storage space. The dimensions are 95 x 40 x 30 cm, so long blade fins must be inserted dismounted for a better storage. On the low side of the bag a rubber valve is present for the drainage of water. This permits both to empty the bag from water coming from the wet equipment, and also wash the used equipment in fresh water inside the bag, and then easily drain such water out.

Zippers, handles and pockets

At the front a pocket with water resistant zipper is present for the storage of thin objects which need to be stored in a dry place.

The cover of the bag is sealed thanks to a high quality zipper, just as the one on the Explorer Roll 120L. Compared to the previous model of the Explorer HD 114L (this is the HD2), the zipper has greater dimensions and is indeed more resistant and long lasting than the previous.

The Explorer HD 114L has two lateral handles, one per side, again well designed and comfortable thanks to the anatomical semi rigid rubber cover. Again, central carry handle made of two resistant nylon straps connectable by a PVC covered Nylon element with Velcro completes the carrying possibilities.

The Explorer HD 114L bag can an additional cover which can be positioned over the one closed by the zipper. Such additional cover is blocked with elastic bands clips and is perfect to insert long fins without dismantling them.

Mundial Backpack 2

The Beuchat Mundial BP is one of the most famous spearfishing backpacks on the market. Launched some years ago, it is an excellent solution to carry all our spearfishing and freediving equipment.

Design and materials

The Beuchat Mundial BP is made in Nylon and PVC material. Almost the entire backpack is in Nylon, while the front face of the frontal storing pocket is in PVC covered Nylon.

The base of the backpack is in a special reinforced wear resistant material. On the sides a small mesh “windows” are present to permit ventilation.

The compact but important dimensions of the main storage space of the backpack, 103x30x13 cm, permit the insertion of long fins inside, together with a wetsuit, together with a mask and snorkel, a belt, a knife and other accessories.

Externally and laterally, two spearguns can be positioned and blocked thanks to two adjustable retaining elastic bands per side.

Front cooler-type compartment

A very special front cooler-type compartment is excellent to store fresh drinks and fish, keeping them cool for a long time. The good dimensions (67 x 25 x 9 cm, 6 cm higher than the previous version) of the secondary compartment ensure a lot of additional space for such objects.

At the front of the cooler-compartment a long Nylon elastic band permits to position additional objects such as towel.

Handles and shoulder straps

A very useful handle made in Nylon texture is present on one side of the Beuchat Mundial BP. This permits an easy and comfortable transportation

Extremely reinforced shoulder straps are present, even though there is no soft material to increase comfort, nor on the straps nor on the rear of the backpack.

A Nylon ring is positioned on the top of the Beuchat Mundial BP to hook some accessories, but also to pull up the backpack.

Cressi Tuna Dry Wheel bag, Piovra Dry backpack, Dry Gara bag, Dry Gun Bag, Gorilla Pro Bag

Cressi has sent us a good number of models from they excellent line of spearfishing and freediving bags.

Tuna Dry Wheel bag

To be honest the Tuna Dry Wheel bag is extremely similar to the Beuchat Explorer Roll 120L. Both travel bags are extremely well refined and an excellent choice.

The materials of the two bags are similar, maybe the Beuchat texture is a little more rigid than the one of the Cressi. The latter indicates the dimensions of the Cressi Tuna Dry Wheel bag in 95 x 40 x 35 cm / 37.4 x 15.75 x 13.78 inch, but honestly comparing the two bags they seem exactly the same size.

The Tuna Dry Wheel bag has a small external pocket with a water resistant zipper for flat objects which need to be kept dry. Internally there is also here a big mesh pocket to separate some objects from the main storage area.

The closing zipper is also identical to the one of the Beuchat, big and strong. So, finally, the choice between the Beuchat and Cressi solutions comes down to the price and maybe the colours, with the the Italian brand being a little more colourful with red colour used for the handles on the two sides and also for the central carry handle.

Piovra Dry Backpack

Cressi launches the new Piovra Dry Backpack to carry long fins ans spearguns. The Piovra Dry takes the place of the Piovra XL Backpack, finalist of the 2023 Award & Best Choice by Apneapassion prize in the accessories category.

Design and materials


Now the Cressi Piovra Dry bag has grown considerably in dimensions. The previous version was measured by Apneapassion 108 x 30 x 26 cm, while the new Piovra Dry Backpack measures 110 x 28 x 30 cm, but keeping a bigger width also in the upper part. It permits to store two pairs of very long fins comfortably, a great solution.

Spearguns accomodation

Two long spearguns, one per side of the Cressi Piovra Dry Backpack, can be positioned thanks to two couple of spearguns holders made with adjustable Nylon elastic bands.


The main compartment is made of 600D polyester with PVC lamination, meaning it is water resistant as material, but water can pass through and be absorbed.

The base of the Piovra Dry backpack is in 600D polyester with PVC abrasion-resistant lamination surface, to ensure greater durability.

Front cooler-type compartment

The front cooler-type compartment is made of PVC tarpaulin, a completely watertight material. It does not change in dimensions compared to the previous version (75 x 13 x 11 cm) and is similar to the Beuchat Mundial Backpack 2 .


The high quality zippers are of good dimensions for a stronger solution. The slider of the zipper of the main compartment has eyelets so that it can be closed with a padlock. Nice and big rubber elements with the Cressi logo are useful connections to act on the pull straps more easily.

Handles, rings and shoulder straps

A very well designed, strong and comfortable handle, made with a clever flexible rubber element covering the nylon strap, is present on one side of the Cressi Piovra Dry Backpack. This permits to carry the bag when not on one’s shoulders very comfortable

The shoulder straps and the new ergonomic backrest are padded for maximum confort.

Nylon rings are present one per shoulder strap and on the top of the backpack.

Cressi Gara Dry Backpack

Materials and design

The Cressi Gara Dry Backpack si completely made with watertight material, a durable 5 tenths thick pvc laminated tarpaulin heat-sealed by high frequency. This solution makes the Cressi Gara Dry Backpack very practical not to wet the boot of the vehicle for example. Dimensions are 39.5 x 23.5 x 66 cm / 15.5 x 9.25 x 26 inch.

Storing capacity

The Cressi gara Dry Backpack is indicated to have an internal storing capacity of 60 litres. It carries externally both a pair of long fins and a couple of spearguns, while internally it has sufficient space for a thick wetsuit and all the diving accessories. It is a great choice for a light backpack able to carry all our freediving and spearfishing equipment.

Cressi Dry Gun Bag

The Cressi Dry Gun Bag is a premium solution for spearfishing enthusiasts seeking to protect their spearguns. Designed with durability and functionality in mind, this bag ensures that spearguns remain secure during transportation.

Waterproof Material

Constructed from waterproof 840 denier nylon, the Cressi Dry Gun Bag keeps the spearguns protected and at the same time does not soak with water.


The bag offers ample space to accommodate multiple spearguns and other essential accessories. Its size ensures that all your equipment can be transported conveniently in one bag, reducing the risk of losing smaller items. Its length of 179 x 30.5 x 20 cm / 70 x 12 x 7.9 inch permits the transportation of even the longer spearguns.

Internally a divider permits to separate the various spearguns, also to avoid them rubbing one to the other. An internal pocket with Velcro closure is perfect to store small tools to act on the spearguns.

Zippers and seams

With reinforced seams and top quality YKK zippers, the bag is built to withstand the rigors of frequent use. This robust construction ensures that the bag can handle heavy loads with many spearguns and rough handling without compromising its integrity.

Comfortable Carrying Options

Equipped with adjustable shoulder straps and a nice lateral rubber handle, the bag provides multiple carrying options to suit your preference. This flexibility makes it easier to transport your gear over long distances or rugged terrain.

Easy Access

The bag’s wide opening of the zipper, long 52. 5 in | 133 cm, allows for easy access to all the spearguns, making it simple to pack and unpack the gear. A Variable Volume System based on folding the bag and blocking it with a buckle, permits to adjust the length of the bag to the one of the longest speargun, but not more. This permits a more comfortable transportation and storing. One end of the bag closes with a Velcro solution, while the other is made with reinforced thicker material and is complete with a water drainage hole.

Cressi Gorilla Pro bag

For freedivers and spearfishing enthusiasts, the Cressi Gorilla Pro Bag offers a perfect blend of spaciousness, durability, and lightness.

Generous Capacity

With an internal capacity of 4.75 cubic feet (135 liters), the Cressi Gorilla Pro Bag is incredibly spacious, making it ideal for storing loads of equipment. Its dimensions of 95 x 34 x 42 cm / 37.4 x 13.4 x 16 inches united with it softness permit also to host internally even the longest spearfishing and freediving fins.

Waterproof and Durable Construction

Made from strong PVC with radio frequency (RF) welded seams, this bag is both waterproof and robust. It ensures your gear stays dry and protected, but also avoids the water coming from your wet gear to soak the area where the bag is placed.

The Cressi Gorilla Pro Bag has a useful drainage cap. This practical addition allows you to rinse your equipment directly inside the bag. After washing, the water can be easily drained out from the special cap situated at one end, making maintenance a breeze.

Secure and Heavy-Duty Zippers

The bag is equipped with heavy-duty zippers that provide secure closure and ease of access. These zippers are designed to withstand frequent use and exposure to saltwater, ensuring longevity and reliability. Frontally and externally a water proof zipper is used for a 29 x 20 cm pocket.

Comfortable Carrying Options

The Cressi Gorilla Pro Bag features both two anatomical lateral carry handles in rubber and two straps that can also be used as shoulder straps, giving you flexibility in how you transport your gear.

Compact Storage

Despite its large capacity, the bag can be folded down to a compact size when not in use, making it easy to store and transport.

Spetton Transport Bag, Fins Guns Sack, Guns Bag

The Spanish company has supplied us with three interesting and very light bags.

Spetton Transport Bag

Design and material

Of very large dimensions, 105x40x40cm, the Spetton Transport Bag is the largest on the market and so perfect to store an huge quantity of equipment, and also perfectly host very long freediving and spearfishing fins. The bag does not have any additional internal or external pocket.

The bag is made in fabric 1200D Nylon with Dry TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) Coating, which is a specialized textile material known for its strength, durability, and waterproof properties.

Handles and zipper

The Spetton Transport Bag is complete with 2 anatomical handles in semirigid rubber on the two sides, and a central carry handle made of two resistant nylon straps connectable by a PVC covered Nylon. The latter appears a little bit cheap.

Water cap

A silicone cap is positioned at the bottom on one side of the Spetton Transport Bag to drain the water, for example after having washed all the equipment inside the bag.

Spetton Fins Guns Sac Waterproof Backpack

Specifically designed to accommodate two spearguns and long fins, this bag offers optimal storage solutions for serious spearfishing enthusiasts.

Materials and design

The Spetton Fins Guns Backpack is constructed from highly resistant and durable TPU material, ensuring long-lasting use and protection.
Reinforcements on seams provide extra durability and robustness, ideal for handling heavy and sharp gear. The backpack is equipped with a secure waterproof closing system using a Nylon foldable band and clasps to keep the equipment dry and protected from the elements. This sac includes a sturdy Nylon handle on the upper rear side for easy carrying when the backpack is not shouldered, permitting quick transportation for short trips.

Dimensions and storage space

Measuring 90x40x25 cm, the Spetton Fins Guns Backpack offers ample space to a thick wetsuit and all the accessories. Externally, thanks to retention of Velcro straps, two spearguns, one per side, and a pair of long fins, can be connected to the sac and carried.

Spetton Guns Bag

The Spetton Spearguns Bag is an essential accessory for spearfishing enthusiasts, designed to provide secure and convenient storage for spearguns. Available in two sizes, this bag offers durability and functionality to meet the needs of serious divers.

Multiple Sizes

The Spetton Spearguns Bag comes in two versions with dimensions of 145 x 35 cm and 175 x 35 cm, catering to different storage needs and preferences.


Constructed from 820 denier PU nylon, the bag is highly durable and resistant to wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting use even in challenging marine environments. The material can though get soaked with water and is not watertight.

Closure and transportation

The cordon closing system provides a secure and simple way to close the bag, keeping your spearguns and other gear safely contained. The Spetton Spearguns Bag is equipped with a 50mm shoulder adjustable strap, the bag can be comfortably carried over the shoulder. The bag is designed to hold two or three spearguns.

Pathos Waterproof Bags, Fin Bags and Spearguns Bag.

Pathos has supplied the entire range of their beautiful bags, which is constituted by two traditional bags, 70 and 90 liters, 3 fins bags and a speargun bag. Key with the Pathos offer is the quality of materials and the use of the best zippers on the market.

Waterproof Bags

The 70 and 90 liters Pathos Waterproof Bags are extremely simple, The really strong point of such products is the excellent quality of the big marine type PK zippers and the double layer pvc fabric, red for the 70 liters and black for the 90 liters. The latter has a maximum length that reaches 92 cm, while the 70 liters is around 58 cm. This means the bigger bag can host long balde fins (with a little deformation of the bag) while the small one can host them only if short or with the dismantle of foot pocket and blade.

For the rest the two bags are complete with lateral handles and a central longer one. All of them are made in cordura and do not have a rubber cover. There is also no water drainage hole on the bottom of the two bags.

Spearguns Bag

Beautiful and of the same concept, meaning same materials and unbeatable zippers, is the Pathos Spearguns Bag. It is 34 cm as diameter and 170 cm long  and it can host more than 7 spearguns at once, including reels, of the lengths of 90-100. It can of couse host spearguns as long as 150 cm (barrel length indication of 150, plus handle and muzzle) in the number of at least 4. So an amazing quality with top hosting capacity. No drenage holes here neither, and what could have helped is a foldable end to reduce the length of the bag when short spearguns are inserted. 

Fins bags

The Pathos Fin Bags are again designed all with top quality materials, 3 different versions (they can host one pair of fins each): the Fin Bag, the Fin Bag PVC and Fin Bag PVC XL Pocket. Really beautiful is the design of the PVC material ones, the simpler one all black with red Pathos logo, the more complete one black with lateral red pocket and black logo which can host a mask, a wallet, a knife, or all of them together, and indeed is a useful storage space.

The third version copies the latter, but is in nylon texture, not waterproof, surely cheaper, but also less neat and evidently can partially soak with water. A key aspect is that the XL PVC version is 102 cm high compared to 94 cm of the other two. This means the XL can host well also the longest fins, while the other two host long, but not extremely long fins. So be careful when choosing.

In the versions with side pocket the zip is asymmetrical, opening completely on one side of the bag, and on the top, but not on the opposite side, while the version without side pocket opens symmetrically down half way on both sides of the bag. The internal lower part of the bags, half way down to the end of the bag on the wider side, where the blades are positioned, is padded on both sides for additional protection. 

Sigalsub Trek Dry Bag, Mini Trek Dry Bag, Blade Fins Bag, Spearguns Bag

Another very interesting offer comes from Sigalsub. The Italian company is constantly widening its product offer and has a very good line of bags, upgraded this year with the new Blade Fins Bag.

Trek Dry Bag and Mini Trek Dry Bag

Internal volume, dimensions and materials

The more traditional bags by Sigal are the Trek Dry bag and its Mini version, respectively with 114 and 75 liters of internal storage. space. Both are made in PVC Tarpaulin, and available in black-orange and black-green colours.

The Sigalsub Trek Dry Bag measures 92 cm in length, 43 cm in width, and 24 cm high. This permits to store long fins without dismantling them. Still fins will be probably hosted under the external top cover of the bag closed by Nylon elastic bands. The Trek Dry Mini is 64 cm long and has the same other measures as the bigger cousin, so long fins will not fit well inside not even with the foot pocket and blades separated.

Handles and pockets

Both bags have a nice front pocket with water resistant zipper. The handles are on both sides with an anatomical rubber cover, while there is also a central carry handle with long straps connected by a PVC Tarpaulin handle and a Velcro system. At the bottom on one side a silicone cap is present for the drainage of water.

Free Backpack

Internal volume and dimensions

The Sigalsub Free backpack is a robust and spacious solution for transporting spearfishing equipment. Available in striking black and emerald colors with a stylish white Sigalsub logo and tribal-like designs, this backpack boasts an internal volume of 90 liters. Its dimensions of 108 cm in height, 52 cm in width, and a base of 40 cm by 20 cm make it capable of accommodating even the longest fins and thick wetsuits.


Constructed from durable 820 denier PU nylon covered with PVC on both sides, the Sigalsub Free Backpack ensures complete waterproof protection. The seams are thermally bonded for extra strength, with additional nylon straps reinforcing the structure, preventing any potential tears in the PVC.

Watertight solutions

For secure closure, the main compartment features a classic roll-top mechanism, creating a watertight seal when the nylon-edged top is rolled and clipped. Additionally, a handy lateral pocket with a watertight zip measuring 28 cm by 20 cm is perfect for storing small items like a phone or wallet, keeping them dry and easily accessible.

Carrying solutions

With its ergonomic design, the Sigalsub Free Backpack includes padded, adjustable shoulder straps for comfortable carrying, even over long distances. The backpack also features two durable elastic bands on each side, ideal for securely holding long spearguns in place.

Blade Fins Bag

Dimensions and internal volume

The Sigalsub Blade Fins Bag is designed to hold even more than a single pair of long spearfishing fins securely, thanks to its 105 cm of height. Big dimensions also for the maximum width, equal to 30 cm, and thickness of the main storage space, 20 cm. All this also offers a generous 110-liter capacity.

Material, zippers and pockets

The Sigalsub Blade Fin Bag is made of Nylon texture which is not watertight, a lighter and cheaper solution compared to PVC tarpaulin. It features a closure system with a zipper going almost all around the main storage space, permitting easy access. A frontal external pocket of good dimensions permits to easily store additional equipment, such as mask, snorkel, and a knife, but also a 2 liter bottle of water if needed.


On one side of the backpack two Nylon elastic bands are present to position and carry a speargun, even of very long dimensions.

Carrying solutions

Comfortable shoulder straps permit an easy transportation. Maybe a lateral or rear handle to lift or carry for short trips the bag with one hand would have been a plus.