The new line of gloves (and socks) by Sigalsub appears very good looking and refined, they are the Comfort EVO gloves.

Design and materials

The new Sigalsub Comfort EVO gloves are made with an internally and externally lined neoprene. The lining is ultrastretch, but at the same time not too soft to always maintain good resistance to wear and tear. Also, the cut and material insure great adherence to the hand for greater comfort and thermal insulation. The internal lining permits easy and fast putting on and taking off.

The wrist areas see a differentiated length of the profile, with the upper part longer to ease the putting on, pulling the gloves from the upper “tongue” at the end of the fitting, to position them perfectly. This also permits a better adhesion of the glove on the wrist, for a better sealing effect.

The area of the palm of the hand has a silicone superficial coverage to improve grip. Such pattern is well spread all around the palm and also along the 5 fingers.

Siglasub Comfort EVO gloves internal silicone anti-slip material

The seams appear strong and well done, but do not have an additional seal, so they are not totally water tight. This is not an issue on thin gloves intended for warm water, and actually make the gloves a little softer, but evidently such design will determine a lower thermal insulation.

The offer

The Sigalsub Comfort EVO gloves are offered with two colour graphics, petroleum, which is made with 1.5 mm thick neoprene, and Pomace, which is 2.5 mm thick. The sizes available are 3: XS/S, M/L, XL/XXL. The socks are made of the same materials and have similar graphics, while the sole area is made with externally reinforced lining.