The Big Buoy by Seac insures maximum visibility.

In Summer in many countries the number of boats in the sea increases consistently, together with the total lack of knowledge by those who drive such boats, often rented, meaning people have no idea how to go around with them. Risks for spearos increase, mainly due to ignorance on the rules to follow in the sea, and ditances to keep from buoys and boats with diver below flag. Anyway, buoys in some cases are not well visibile, for example with wavy sea or sun flashing on the sea surface. The buoy must be big and well visible in such situations. AP has already published a Super Test with the analysis of different buoys, but we must say that the Big Buoy by Seac is a simple and intelligent solution to increase visibility and safety. Height of the Big Buoy by Seac is 66 cm, while circumference is 121 cm. The white belt works as a pocket.

AP urges diving companies to design buoys which are as big, if not more, as the Big Buoy by Seac, as, in fact, in days without strong wind there are no real disadvantages in using a big buoy compared to smaller ones, but the safety advantage is enormous. Also, all divers should tend to buy the most visible buoys, for their personal safety, and always use them and keep them close when diving.

The difference in dimensions between a classic buoy and the Big Buoy by Seac are remarkable, as remarkable is the difference in their visibility in the sea.