The small Seac Samurai has a positive history and is very much appreciated among spearos. This year Seac has launched a new version, upgraded in materials and design. 

If one asks spearos about the Seac Samurai, many of them will know the product and appreciate it, and among them some will have been keeping it with care since years. Despite its great qualities, Seac has wanted to further improve this small knife, generally positioned on the spearo’s arm and used to finish the fish caught.

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Made in Nylon and in four colours among which to choose (green, red, white and black), now the handle is complete with a hole at its end to be able to secure it with a line and avoid loosing it. The total compact dimensions lead to a small 85 mm long handle that does not permit holding the knife with the entire hand, but it is sufficient to work the fish. Moreover, the veins on the surface of the handle improve grip.




It is the part that has been developed more compared to the previous model. A deep research in materials and long tests by Seac have led to a steel alloy (tempered AISI 420 stainless steel) that is the best solution (according to Seac) to have a cutting blade and a rust resistant material (these two aspects always go one against the other due to the elements in the alloy).

The cutting part of the blade has smooth profile on one side and jagged profile on the other. The latter is jagged only in the straight part of the blade, while the tip of it has smooth profile on both sides.



Simple and light, the sheath is made of Nylon. Securing the knife to the sheath is done through the traditional elastic rubber ring, while fixing the knife to the spearo body can be done either using the weight belt or, better, using the Velcro band (which is though not elastic) for fitting it on the arm.