The new 2022 mask from Seac

Seac is really pushing hard recently bringing to market extremely high quality products. The new 2022 frameless mask, the Seac Raptor, is another step in this direction. After the excellent Seac M70 frameless solution, we presented in 2016, the Raptor seems an excellent evolution.

The chassis

The frameless solution of the Seac Raptor sees an internal chassis perfectly integrated with the skirt sand the two lenses. The central part of the chassis between the lenses is not completely stiff and bends when some force is applied. The chassis is covered with the silicone of the skirt in the external part, while its color is visible in some internal exposed parts. This also gives the external look to the mask. In fact, the chassis is available in four different colors, black, red, blue and green, and this characterized the four different color versions of the Raptor.

The fact that the silicone of the skirt does not cover the internal part of the chassis towards the profile of the lenses, is a very important aspect. This solution determines that there is no reduction of the free area of the lenses. So the field of view is not reduced in any way. This issue we had found years ago in a very good mask, the Mares Viper. It has some limits in the field of view. This was due to the silicone going all the way around the chassis and reducing by 1 mm the free area of the lenses.

The lenses

The two lenses of the Seac Raptor have a very deeply studied design of the profile. Evidently, this is key for the best field of view, so important in the spearfishing action. The sides of the profile of the lenses are 6, with a very small one in the area between the two glasses. The thickness of the lenses we measured is equal to 3.1 mm, a good value for safety against cracking. Still, the thickness does not give the complete indication of the resistance of the lenses, as this depends also a lot on the quality of the tempered glass. Dimensions of the lenses are 56 mm high and 54 mm wide.

The skirt

Perfectly integrated with the chassis and the lenses, the skirt has an extremely high quality in terms of finishes of all the connections with the other two elements of the mask. In addition, the design is particularly cool, putting together aesthetic aspects with functional ones. The external surface of the mask is in fact slightly matt, but in particular has a mixture of smooth and rugged surfaces. These give a special nice look to the Raptor, but also break the image of the mask somehow giving a camouflage effect. Also internally, the silicone is matt to reduce light reflexes on the diver’s eyes.

The interesting detail is that the profile of the internal band of the skirt, which comes to contact with the face of the diver, is instead glossy. This solution is applied to increase the adherence of the skirt to the face and improve water seal. The nice design is completed with a Seac trident logo and the same base color off the chassis. The logo is inserted with as a polymer element between the lenses. The name, Raptor, not always present on the masks, is printed on the forehead area of the skirt. Above it is the Seac print. Internally, at the base of the nose, the skirt has two important protuberances. This is done to best position the mask and reduce internal volume.

Buckles connection to the chassis and rear strap

The side buckles are connected to the skirt with a vertical pin. The silicone part where the pin is inserted seems of good dimensions and sufficiently strong to last in time. The buckles, which are quite compact, have an opposing buttons system to act on the micrometric adjustment system of the rear strap. This kind of solution is one of the easiest ones to act on.

The rear strap is made of two bands. The 3D Seac logo in silver color is retrieved on the upper band. Both bands have a 3D shape and the silicone surface is glossy. The internal part of the bands, and this is an interesting finish, has spotted reliefs. This additionally improves the adherence of the strap to the head and keep the mask in position under any condition.


seac raptor

The Seac Raptor is definitely a top level solution. It has so much in it, and so many details taken into consideration. It is extremely compact with wide lenses, aiming for maximum field of view and minimum internal volume. It is definitely indicated for deep dives and spearfishing. We will measure the field of view and internal volume in the coming weeks. Anyway, first of all, especially with frameless masks, it is key to try them on and verify their comfort.