Successor of the Q1 and Q3 after, the Q5 brings forward the three LED solution present on the successful Q3.

Of important dimensions, the Seac Q5 is intended both for spearos, freedivers and scuba divers.


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Undoubtedly dimensions hit the attention compared to other competing torches on the market, with total length of 18.5 cm and diameter of the head equal to 6.5 cm. The latter is well protected thanks to a natural rubber cover.


Main body and structure of the head are in glass loaded Nylon, as alson the well visible red coloured switch.


Even the design is not particularly anatomical, the good dimensions of the switch permit to correctly hold it in the hand even wearing thick gloves, without having to look at the torch.


Switch is thick,, 1.5 cm large and 3 cm long, with sliding movement. Positions are: off, on at max power and on at power reduced to 30%. At each pressure on the switch one moves from from off to the following settings, with the switch sliding back automatically each time it is released.


In Nylon texture with rubber tube cover and spring cursor, the lace is particularly long. An elastic solution could be more comfotable.


LED and power

Th eonly torch of the dossier to be designed with three LEDs, the Q5 offers a solution that guarantees to avoid being without light in case of a broken LED.


Total power (light flow) generated by the three LEDs is equal to 700 lumen, while lux (flow of light hitting a 1 squared meter surface at 1 m distance) is declared by Seac equal to 8225. Light temperature is 6500°K.


Central light flow is particularly large, concentrated in a solid angle of 10°.

Reflector is in chromed aluminium.

Batteries type and life

The Seac Q5 works with 8 AA type Alkaline batteries, a solution that makes the Q5 quite heavy (430 grams), at least out of water (we will evaluate weight in the water in the test in the sea). Such solution determines and excellent battery life of 6 hours at maximum power (Seac declared). Also rechargeable batteries can be used, with a small loss of luminous power.

To download and print the complete technical data sheet of the Seac Q5 click here.