The Seac Murena is an open cell internally and lined externally neoprene wetsuit that has in simplicity its strength.

Seac Murena is not a 2017 novelty, and in the Seac wetsuit line it is a camouflage solution that positions itself below the Seac Kama, top of the line wetsuit already presented by AP.

Seac has wanted to offer a camouflage wetsuit, trying to choose with intelligence the most important solutions for spearos, so to reduce price, still offering a complete and comfortable product.

In brief

Seac Murena is a wetsuit made of internally open cell and externally camouflage lined neoprene, with some areas complete of additional protections, some others not. In the same way some borders are reinforced, some others have the neoprene simply cut with an eye to fitting. The 3D camouflage in nice.


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Materials and protections

The external lining of the Murena is made of Nylon BFB, with very high elasticity in width (respect to the trunch of the body) and a little reduced elasticity in length, an aspect that does not offer maximum elasticity overall, but a good balance between elasticity and structure. Neoprene is soft of SCR type, with properties indicated in this sheet.

Murena offers protections in Powertex on the knees, while the elbows have no additional protections to the external lining. Sternal protection, of reduced dimensions, is external to the jacket and made of a 3 mm additional pad covered with a Melco sheet, a tough and quite rigid material, made with a rough antislip surface.


Finishings and cuts

Bondings of the Murena are extremely good, as already seen on the Seac Kama. Finishings of wrists, ankles and face contour have no additional edges, an aspect that partially reduces resistance and sealing effect, but improves comfort when wearing and unwearing the wetsuit. Nylon borders are instead present in the waist of the trousers and the lower part of the jacket, with a strengthening, sealing and structural effect.

The back is made in two parts, with a central stitching that better adapts the wetsuit to the area of the dorsal spine, while in the underarm area cut is preformed with a rhomboidal neoprene insert. With preformed cut are also arms and legs.

All stitchings are evidently blind, an aspect that permits to have the chin free from contacts with the stitchings for best comfort.


Innovative solutions

In addition to the 3D camouflage, certainly interesting, there are no particular innovative solutions on the Seac Murena, apart from the attent choice of the most useful solutions for comfort and resistance of the wetsuit, without making such product too complex and, even more important, too expensive.