We have already presented with a deep X-Rays article the advanced 2022 frameless solution by Seac, the Raptor mask. To complete the dossier about the best masks on the market, here is a description of a very interesting mask with frame, the Seac Eagle.

Construction and compactness

Even though the Seac Eagle is a mask with frame, the design is so neat it looks like a frameless solution, and the compactness is very good. The two lenses are of big dimensions, with a good vertical extension. The frame is made of two parts, the external and the internal one. The latter defines the color if the mask. Colors, always with black skirt, are black, red, green and yellow. In addition, two mirror lenses are available, with yellow and grey colors. The entire structure of the frame is extremely rigid to maintain the correct geometry at all times.


The skirt is in silicone with a mix of matt and glossy surfaces externally. This gives the Seac Eagle a really cool look. Internally the surface of the silicone is glossy. This can lead to some light reflexes hitting the diver’s eyes, but can also guarantee a better water seal in the skirt contour compared to a matt solution.

The external sides of the nose have a rugged surface to help grip during the equalization phase. On the sides of the skirt there are two thick nerves to give more rigidity and avoid the excessive squeezing of the skirt itself.

The skirt is so well designed that is adheres perfectly to the frame. The two elements have their profiles perfectly matching for a single continuous solution. The result is, in addition to the great look, also a better water penetration.

Internally, the skirt has two protuberances at the base of the nose to improve centring of the mask and reduce internal volume. The drop in the internal part of the skirt around the lenses is still quite high (6.2 mm) due to the solution with frame. This can reduce slightly the field of view increasing the distance between the lenses and the eyes. On the other hand comfort can improve as the eye lashes will not come to contact with the lenses.

Rear strap adjustment and design

The rear strap has a simple design with two bands. These are thought carefully though with a special triangular section and a rugged internal surface for best grip on the head.

The side buckles are connected directly to the skirt with a vertical pin. The silicone element of the skirt where the pin is inserted is of very good dimensions for best resistance in time. The micrometric adjustment system is activated with two opposing vertical buttons which are very easy to use even with the mask on the head and gloves.

Dimensions and weight

The Seac Eagle weighs 170 grams. The frame is 15.4 cm wide and 7 cm high. The skirt is 13 cm wide and 9.8 cm high at the center. The lenses are 56 mm wide and 54 mm high.