The new Seac Bridge float platform is particularly interesting for a number of reasons. Float, buoy, spearguns carrier in the water and on the shoulders, complete with store areas, the new Seac solution is something to look at attentively.


With the classic design of a small dinghy, the Seac Bridge measures 95 cm in length and 70 cm as maximum width. This makes the Bridge a longer solution compared to the Seac Seamate.

The mast of the signal flag is 70 cm long for best visibility. Such mast is well blocked in position thanks to a long nylon elastic band. In addition, the Bridge has quite some additional features compared to the Seamate. Such features and improvements justify a higher price of the Bridge, but also permit to choose between two interesting options.


The material of the Seac Bridge is a resistant Nylon texture. This is clearly made to be used in sea water, even though of course it is not water tight as PVC solutions. The yellow colour of the texture is nice and also very visible, thanks also to its kind of fluorescent tone. Seac Bridge is inflated by 3 independent PVC air chambers. These are evidently a safer solution compared to a single chamber, as in case of puncture, two chambers will still remain inflated. The chambers have big dimensions valves, with double safety system. The inflation can be done well and fast with an air pump. Deflation is extremely fast. Inflation can also be done with the mouth, but is not as easy as with small traditional valves.

Special features

The Seac Bridge, as anticipated, is not only another spearfishing platform by the Italian company. There are quite some interesting solutions. First of all the Bridge is complete with two shoulder straps that permit to carry it very comfortably and easily even in long walks. Such straps can be easily detached from the Bridge and left in a store at the front of the Bridge. Such area is also useable for storing other objects such as a bottle of water, a mask, a torch and more. The closure is with a strap and not water tight.

The upper central part of the Seac Bridge has crossed elastic bands covered with nylon texture. The band is also adjustable in length thanks to a spring clip. Objects can be so positioned on the Bridge and kept still thanks to the elastic band.

Laterally the Seac Bridge is equipped with strong adjustable Nylon texture elastic straps to position and hold the spearguns, such as the Seac Fire Camo. This applies both when the float is vertical on the spearo’s shoulders, and when it is horizontal on the sea surface.

5 Nylon rings are distributed around the Seac Bridge to attach lines and objects. Two big strong Nylon handles are positioned at the front of the float to hold and pull it in and outside of the water. The zipers are in good quality plastic specifically designed to resist to sea water corrosion.