The new Seac Apnea and Seac Apnea HR hit the market with a simple but extremely neat design. The Seac logo in red or yellow on a black base are full of energy, and the two versions, Apnea HR and Apnea, all black for the first and black plus steel for the second, give a choice for two nice external solutions, while the functions are identical.

Case and strap

The case is in glass loaded nylon polymer, while the basel and the 4 buttons are in stainless steel, with the Seac Apnea keeping the original color, while the Seac Apnea HR presents a black chromed solution. The strap is 26 cm long, with a standard useful length from the buckle tongue to the last adjustment hole equal to 24.5 cm. There is no additional longer strap to use for very thick wetsuits.


The Seac Apnea and Seac Apnea HR have a nice 38 mm diameter crystal and a 34 mm diameter useful display (meaning excluding the black external crown). The readability of all the information on the display of the Seac Apnea and Seac Apnea HR computer watches is extremely high, thanks to the LCD screen and to all the characters having good dimensions. The central ones, indicating the time, but also the speed of the descent or ascent phases of the dive, are 4 mm wide and 7.5 mm high. The characters at the top right of the display indicate the depth of the dive in real time, and are also of good dimensions, equal to 3 mm wide and 7 mm high. On the top left, smaller characters, still of well readable dimensions (2.5 x 6 mm), show the dive time. At the bottom, characters of the same dimensions indicate the water temperature (bottom left) and the maximum depth (bottom right).

Display regulation

Comfort and readability settings are obtained with the possibility to regulate the contrast on the display of the Seac Apnea and Seac Apnea HR. This solution increases the capacity of the diver in reading all the information. Also, it is possible to regulate the intensity (BKL Level) and duration (BKL Time) in seconds of the backlight, or pass to a manual solution (BKL Mode) that gives the possibility to turn the backlight on and off pressing the same button. Finally a specific Dive regulation can be set.

Base functions

Beyond the many functions present on the Seac Apnea and Seac Apnea HR, which include traditional ones such as dual time, chrono including coutdown, some additional functions such as the pedometer with number of steps, distance, time and kcal burned, there is of course a good number of dive specific functions.

Among these, we find the indication of maximum depth of the dive, dive time plus total dive time, and water temperature. Alarms such as maximum dive time and maximum depth are also present and customizable on the Seac Apnea and Seac Apnea HR

These are functions that are present on most spearfishing and freediving watches. Let’s go and see the special functions that the Italian company has wanted to introduce in this new interesting computer watch for spearfishing and freediving.

Special functions

MSST algorythm and alarm

The MSST is the Minimum Suggested Surface Time indicated between two consequent dives to reduce risks such as sincope, Taravana and homoptysis. The MSST function can be set on ON or OFF. The algorythm to calculate the MSST indicates for dives up to -30 meters the time of the dive, rounded up to the minute, multiplied by 2. This means a dive of 1 minute and 40 seconds will require an MSST of 4 minutes. Below – 30 meters the algorythm takes into consideration the maximum depth reached divided by 5 and rounded up to the next whole number that will indicate the minutes of recovery. So, for a dive down to – 41 meters, it will be 41 / 5 = 8.2 –> 9 minutes of MSST.

Dehydration alert

Another very important function on the safety side present on the Seac Apnea and Seac Apnea HR is definitely the dehydration alert. This point, as we know, is key to protect the diver from the risks that can derive from freeving and spearfishing dives, but it is often forgotten by the diver, especially by spearos that tend to focus on the spearfishing action and who tend to be in the water for many hours. This alert is definitely a key assett on this computer watch.

Descent and ascent speed

Other spearfishing and freediving computer watches have the descent and ascent speed function, but absolutely not all of them. This is indeed an extremely interesting data to give us the possibility to evaluate our performance in the dive, calculating the correct speed vs effort.

Software and PC link

Key is also the software to download on a PC, through a dedicated USB cable, all the registered data of our dives: number of the session of the dive, dive time in seconds, date, hour of the start and end of the dive, maximum depth, minimum and maximum water temperature registered in the dive. Below an example of the screen with the information of a simple shallow water dive. Apneapassion will publish more detailed screenshots in the test of the Seac Apnea and Apnea HR in the coming weeks. 



The battery is a very simple (non rechargeable) CR2425. It can be substituted quite easily, but the warranty of the Seac Apnea is lost if the computer watch is not opened by an authorized dealer. Seac indicates the battery lasts maximum 8.4 years in factory mode, 3 years if used simply as a watch, 2.9 years with 100 dive sessions a year, 2.7 years with 200 dive sessions a year and 2.1 years for 300 dive sessions a year. 


The warranty is the standard 2 years indicated by the law.