The 100% Italian company, is really moving like a F1 in designing, producing and launching on the market new products, among which a great line of sling spearguns. In this dossier, after having “shocked” with a carbon fibre barrel speargun, the Salvimar Wild Carbo in the dossier of sling guns below 100 € list price, Salvimar is well present with the Vodoo, Vodoo Rail Open, the V Pro, the Metal and, incredibly enough, of course in the upper part of the price range of the dossier, with the Wild Carbo Roller.

This article is part of the dossier “Best sling spearguns between 100 and 200 €”

Salvimar Wild Carbo Roller

Salvimar Wild Carbo Roller

Let us start with the Salvimar Wild Carbo Roller simply to continue the Roller spearguns, after the presentation of the Picasso solution. The Salvimar Wild Carbo Roller evidently makes a huge difference with its carbon fibre barrel, as this makes the speargun lighter and stiffer. The price, though, is clearly higher than the Picasso solution, with the shortest version, the 60 cm, with a list price of 187 €, and best on-line price at the moment this article is published equal to 149.60 €, which is indeed extremely interesting. lengths available are 60, 75, 85, 95, 105 and 115 cm. Best guaranteed on-line prices of the Wild Carbo Roller can be checked out at this link.

Technical characteristics

Muzzle & bands
Salvimar Wild Carbo Roller muzzle side view

Salvimar Wild Carbo Roller has a very specific muzzle with a wide 30% glass loaded Nylon structure holding the two pulleys of the roller system, which are highly flowable thanks to Derlin® material. The innovative design of the roller muzzle with upper “V” opening facilitates the insertion of the rod with fins during the loading phase. The passing of the line on the roller muzzle for fastening the rod is quick and intuitive thanks to the upper channels. There are three passages for the line, two lateral ones and an inferior one, both in stainless steel wire.

Salvimar Roller Muzzle
Salvimar Wild Carbo Roller muzzle top view
Salvimar Wild Carbo Roller muzzle inferior view

Elastic bands are two for the roller system and are the S400 of 16 mm diameter, even though the muzzle has pulleys compatible with elastic bands of up to 18 mm diameter. The S400 are pure latex bands produced in Italy to Salvimar’s specifications, with elongation coefficient of 3.6 (360%) and available in 14/16/17.5 mm diameter. The new mixture of rubber is tested up to a 400% stretch for 30 minutes. The results demonstrate an exceptional capacity to maintain unaltered characteristics or loss of stretch memory for optimal elasticity and power retention, even at low temperatures. For best price guaranteed of S400 elastic bands click here.


The barrel is, as anticipated, 100% carbon fiber, specifically a TW-KO3 fiber circular 28 mm external diameter tube. Thickness of the tube walls is 1.3 mm. Sealing between muzzle-barrel-handle is obtained with rubber plugs, as carbon fiber does not work with O-rings. 

Salvimar Wild Carbo Roller 100% carbon fibre barrel
Release mechanism

Release mechanism is made in 304 stainless steel while the castle and the trigger are in Grivory, a good solution, but evidently a way to reduce costs by not using steel also for these two elements, permitting to offer at an amazingly competitive price a roller speargun with 100% carbon fiber barrel. The line release lever is in the modern and most efficient lateral position and it is also made of steel, always a good solution to resist to wear and deformation. Such lever can be quite easily moved from the right to the left side of the handle.

Salvimar Wild Carbo Roller release mechanism

The security system is positioned in such a way that the right handers can perfectly feel the “button” coming out of the handle signaling the lock is on. This works also for left handers, but is a little less effective are they will feel nothing and from that will need to understand the lock is on, and when the lock will be off they will feel in the palm at the base of the index finger the “button” of the lock coming out.


The handle has an anatomical left and right hander design and is made of 30% glass loaded nylon, just as the muzzle, and has a special Salvimar acid green colour element on the back side where the palm of the hand adheres. There is no “wing” that permits to best position the line away from the line of aim.

Salvimar Wild Carbo Roller handle right view
Salvimar Wild Carbo Roller handle left view

The handle is designed to mount any Salvimar Reel (best guaranteed on-line price at this link). In the bottom part of the handgrip there is a well designed and integrated passage, maybe a little bit narrow for large diameter lines, one piece with the grip, for positioning a line. A good dimensions easily dismountable gun butt is present, simply pulling it out of its site.

Front inferior part of the handel, under the initial part of the barrel, is complete with a special circular flat base for the connection of the rubber bands of the roller system. Salvimar roller solution needs a special loader hook for pulling the elastic bands in the initial part of the loading phase.


The shaft is a 7 mm diameter Salvimar Captur INOX 17-4PH shaft, shark fins manufactured with M.I.M. technology – Metal Injection Molding – applied with laser welding. The barb is the new solution with scaled profile, available single and double.

Comes with

Special loader hook for roller system, Nylon line and 2 sleeves plus shaft barb silicone O-Ring .

In brief

After the incredible impact of the Salvimar Wild Carbo in the “below 100 €” dossier, Salvimar once again is present with what appears, the Salvimar Carbo Roller, to be an extremely competitive offer with two exclusive assets, roller system and 100% carbon fibre barrel. Some cost saving is done with the handle and the mechanism not being the 100% stainless steel by Salvimar, but still the possiblity of having a carbon roller speargun for a price that on the web starts from only 150 € is evidently a unique offer to take in serious consideration. A pity carbon fibre barrel does not match with O-rings, needing rubber plugs, loosing part of the advantage of weight reduction given by the composite material. The shaft with laser welding and MIM technology is surely a top level offer.

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