In the dossier of the best spearfishing knives on the market, the Salvimar Saver is included due to its “saver” action, with the possibility of having a very small, compact and sharp tool to cut small lines.

The handle

Salvimar Saver with hallow handle for index finger insertion and sheath

Black and made of 30% glass loaded Nylon, the handle is compact (60 mm long, 45 mm wide and 6 mm thick) and with a rectangular hollow shape for best holding in the specific use of the cutter, which requires to insert the index finger in the hole of the handle to make the best and more efficient action pulling the tool with the line positioned inside its V-shaped blade.

The blade

The blade is indeed special, with its V-shaped and serrated with variable toothing sharp profile, which indeed is also very thin for best cutting effect. Dimensions of the blade considering the complete profile are 85 mm long, 5 mm max-width and 2 mm thick. The material of the blade is 420 B stainless steel.

Salvimar Saver blade

The sheath

Also very compact and definitely different from traditional knives, the sheath of the cutter has an almost rectangular shape with length equal to 85 mm and material again a 30% glass loaded Nylon. The blocking system of the line cutter in the sheath is with an elastic clip on the sheath itself. The Salvimar Saver can be inserted in the sheath in any position. The total length of the cutter in its sheath is 142 mm. The tool can be easily positioned on the weight belt thanks to the large clip on the rear of the sheath.

Salvimar Saver sheath rear clip for the weight belt

For the complete technical data chart of the Salvimar Saver click here.