Another fascinating speargun by the Italian company, Salvimar, but this time an upgrade with carbon fiber, for a speargun present on the market since a few years, but definitely improved with a new key feature as the handle and release mechanism. 

Handle and release mechanism

It is the same handle as the Salvimar Metal Krypsis, except for the colour of the 30% glass loaded Nylon, which in the latter is a purple color, while here it is a traditional black. 

The handle has an anatomical left and right-hander design and is made of 30% glass loaded nylon, just as the muzzle, and has a special softer anti-slip light green color, the traditional Salvimar acid green, element on the backside where the palm of the hand adheres. There is no “wing” that permits to best position the line away from the line of aim. The handle is designed to mount any Salvimar Reel. In the bottom part of the grip, there is a well-designed and integrated passage, one piece with the grip, for positioning a line. In the rear part of the handle, a well-shaped and good dimensions dismountable gun butt is present.

The release mechanism is the key element of this sling speargun. First of all the release mechanism is made of 100% 304 stainless steel, including the castle and the trigger. Moreover, the steel structure (box) containing the release mechanism has been thickened to improve rigidity and resistance. In addition, another key element of the system is the fact that both sear and trigger are produced using MIM (Metal Injection Moulding technology), which permits to obtain amazingly precise components and a very beautiful trigger. And more: the sear is complete with a roller wheel made of 17-4PH stainless steel thermally treated for best superficial hardness and resistance to load and wear. This roller wheel avoids one of the main problems with metal to metal contact of the sear and the trigger, that after a certain time of use (depending on the quality and superficial hardness of the metal) tend to wear, change the angles of contact and finally modify the hardness of the trigger when shooting. The roller wheel avoids this and has the aim to smoothen the trigger movement in the shot, improving the precision of the shot itself. All this permits to have a max load capacity of 350 Kg.

The line release lever is in the modern and most efficient lateral position and it is also made of steel, always a good solution to resist wear and deformation. Such a lever can be quite easily moved from the right to the left side of the handle. In addition, the sensitivity of the trigger can be regulated with a screw positioned under the hilt.

The security system is positioned in such a way that the right-handers can feel the “button” coming out of the handle signalling the lock is on. This works also for left-handers, but is a little less effective are they will feel nothing and from that will need to understand the lock is on, and when the lock will be off they will feel in the palm at the base of the index finder the “button” of the lock coming out.

Salvimar Sapiens Metal handle
Salvimar Sapiens Metal release mechanism


Made of 100% K300 carbon fiber of 1.5 mm thick wall, the barrel of the Salvimar Sapiens Metal is definitely a very interesting and refined solution. Starting from its anatomical shape, tìwith the increased section and volume near the handle to balance the weight of the Heavy Metal 350 release mechanism, and a reduced section moving towards the muzzle, to permit perfect maneuverability. 

The integrated shaft guide gives the barrel an additional stiffness, while the guide is fragmented in the final third of the length of the barrel to reduce lateral section and improve side movement. 

An additional very interesting and key aspect is the fact that the barrel is filled with closed-cell expanded polyurethane that determines a noize reduction of the barrel during the shot and prevents water from entering even in case of damage to the barrel itself. 

The water-sealed connection between the barrel and respectively the muzzle and the handle is obtained with male inserts, specifically calibrated for the barrel internal diameter, and plugs. 

Lengths available of the Salvimar Sapiens Metal are 85, 95, 105, 115 and 125 cm. 

Salvimar Sapiens Metal carbon fiber barrel


The Salvimar Sapiens Metal has what the company indicates as Enclosed Track, but in reality, the short passage of the shaft on top of the muzzle is not totally a closed track, but definitely holds well the shaft on both sides, compared to more standard solutions. The material used for the muzzle is a 30% glass loaded Nylon. The design of the muzzle is the traditional one by Salvimar for what concerns the elastic bands, with a single passage for all the circular bands, insertable in up to 3 of 14 mm diameter, or 2 of larger diameter. The standard setup of the Salvimar Metal Krypsis is with double circular bands of 14 mm diameter and 3.5 (350%) elongation coefficient. The inferior line holder is very compact and made with steel wire for a greater duration. The wishbones are in tied Dyneema. 

Salvimar Sapiens Metal muzzle top view
Salvimar Sapiens Metal – inferior view


Salvimar Sapiens Metal laser-welded shark fins shaft

The shaft is a 6.5 mm diameter for the lengths 85, 95 and 105, and 7.0 mm for 115 and 125 cm. It is a burnished 17-4 ph stainless steel Tahitian with a single inferior dented profile barb and 3 Laser welded shark fins. The list price of the Salvimar Sapiens Metal is definitely higher than 300 €, but the on-line price is just over such limit. To download the complete data chart of the Salvimar Sapiens Metal click here