Once more Salvimar makes a little revolution, the trousers complete with standard pisette, the Pit Stop. 

Until today the pisette, the system to evacuate urina from the trousers when wearing them during spearfishing, has been either sold by artisans making taylor made wetsuits, or as single accessory to be mounted by the customer, cutting the trousers and glueing the pisette to them. Today Salvimar is the first company to offer trousers with standard pisette, a net semplification for final customer. 


Why the pisette

The pisette is often underestimated by less expert spearos, but it is key for two main reasons. The first, more evident, is the hygienic one, so that evacuating urina out of the wetsuit trousers means avoiding being in contact for hours with it and, at the end of the spearfishing day, you will not find yourself with trousers and socks soaked with urina, having to wash them thoroughly and, evidently, having a strong bad smell during undressing. The second reason, less evident, but key for the comfort during spearfishing action, is the fact that, without the pisette, the urina not evacuated out of the trousers will create a thick layer of liquid between trousers and skin, a layer that will cool down quickly due to external cold water, reducing definately the thermal insulation of the wetsuit. Especially during Winter time, with very cold water, when peeing will be more frequent, the pisette will be fundamental for best protection from cold water.

Pit Stop

Salvimar Pit Stop, launched on the market in 2017, is made with external Nylon cover and internal open cell neoprene, and has the traditional Salvimar PuffGum cover on the knees, while stitchings are external and not passing, to guarantee best thermal insulation. A pity Pit Stop do not the usual elastic band to hang them, usually present on all Salvimar wetsuit trousers.

Pit Stop are available in 5.5 mm thick neoprene, in the sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL. 


Costs and advantages

Let us see some costs of the solutions on the market complete with pisette. What can be said for a start is that those who have a standard phisique can, especially with trousers, buy a not taylor made solution and save money. The best on-line price guaranteed of the Salvimar Pit Stop can be found clicking (and waiting a few moments) here. Price indicated is around 77 euros. The price of the pisette mounted on taylor made wetsuit trousers is around 15 euros, while a pisette sold as single equipment to be mounted on the trousers like the Liquid Out della Omer is around 5 euros. Externally lined and internally open cell 5.5 mm thick trousers complete with pisette can cost between 110 and 125 euros.

A good matching, especially for Winter time, all Salvimar, is surely putting together the Pit Stop to the innovative Nebula wetsuit jacket, which is very effective, resistant and warm. This solution would surely reduce cost of the whole set of jacket plus trousers, permitting to have a resistant and warm set, complete with pisette.