They are the small Predathor, and the two cousins ST-Blade and ST-Atlantis, the knives by Salvimar rich of intelligent solutions.



Let us start with the smallest of the lot, the Predathor, whose compactness makes it adapt for fixing it on the arm, thanks also to the elastic Velcro band. The blade is in 420 stainless steel, and has a smooth side on one side and a regularly toothed one on the opposite side. TH elatter is good to engrave objects or flake fish. Dimensions measured by AP are: length of the blade 7.5 cm, width 2.2 cm, while grip, of the traditional acid green by Salvimar, is 8.5 cm long and 2.5 cm wide. Total length of Predathor is equal to 15.6 cm. The grip is melted on the steel of the blade to create the connection. Predathor is thought mainly as second knife for spearfishing or as safety knife for freediving.



ST-Blade and ST-Atlantis

ST-Blade and ST-Atlantis are two knives specifically designed for spearfishing, thanks to the complete solutions they offer. Design is so that the knives are dismountable, with the two halves of the grip in glass loaded Nylon which can be opened unscrewing two screws, that are connected to the central plate in 420 stainless steel, which also integrates the blade. The latter is stiletto design with double design, smooth and toothed (shark tooth), with uniform solution for the ST-Blade (as on the Predathor) and double teeth, for better engraving capacity, on the new ST-Atlantis.

ST AtlantisFodero

ST Blade

ST AtlantisBlade

Both ST knives are complete with shaft straightener, thanks to the hole at the base of the blade for the ST-Blade, and a similar hole, but positioned together with the shaft unblocking system at the rear of the handle, on the ST-Atlantis. The presence of the hole for the straightening of the shaft on the blade side of the ST-Blade determines an easier use of such solution, but limits the extension of the real blade, which is equal to 7.6 cm. The ST-Atlantis, instead, has a usable blade that actually reaches the grip, for total 9.7 cm of length.

ST AtlantisBladeMeasure

Inserting the shaft in the hole and positioning it at the height where the shaft is bent, it is possible to make a lever with the hand pressing on the handle of the knife and straighten the shaft in the exact precise point, which generally coincides with the position if the pin of the barb.

ST AtlantisDrizzaAsta

The shaft unblocking system is made with a cut machined in the 420 stainless steel plate, and is positioned on both ST knives on the rear of the handle. The shaft unblocking system permits to insert the flat rear part of the shaft in the cut of the knife and turn the shaft so that the barb, usually the blocked part, making it close, or, in simpler cases, just turn the tip of the shaft to unblock it from the rocks.


The dimensions of the two ST knives are greater than the ones of the Predathor, with the bladesof the ST-Blade and the ST-Atlantis respectively 9.3 and 9.5 cm long and both 2.5 cm wide. Total length of the ST-Blade has been messured by AP equal to 18.2 cm, while the ST-Atlantis is 20 cm long.

Extremely functional is the blocking system of the three knives in their folders, made with a glass loaded Nylon clip, which works elastically.

Interesting and quite unique in the diving market is the dragona, coming from the military knives, which is present on the two ST and made of natural rubber (EPDM). This solution permits to partially free the hand holding the knife without loosing the knife itself, simply inserting two or three fingers (not all fingers) in the rubber band.

ST AtlantisDragona

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