One of the latest knives of the amazingly wide range by Salvimar, which has the great advantage of being able to produce in-house most of the metal products, is the Salvimar Goemon. The name coming from a fantasy character of manga. With a very technological and modern look, the Salvimar Goemon has almost all possible solutions in it.

All versions of the Salvimar Goemon

The handle

Of good dimensions, it is made of two sides in 30% glass loaded Nylon of one colour and two inserts, one per side, of a different colour, making the colour possibilities three: black with acid green inserts, white with acid green inserts and acid green with black inserts. Of course, the blade goes all the way from the tip to the central part of the handle, making the tough soul of the Salvimar Goemon one single piece of tempered 420 B stainless steel.

Salvimar Goemon shaft unblocking system

The rear of the handle is complete with a central “cut” that is actually the shaft unblocking system, which is actually in the best possible position for easy use and permits to position the shaft exactly at the center of the handle for the best lever action on it.

The handle has 87 mm long x 36 max-width x 21 thick dimensions and is completely dismountable thanks to three Allen key head screws.

The blade

Made of tempered 420 B stainless steel of 75 Rockwell hardness, the blade of the Salvimar Goemon knife is a narrow V-shaped tip to better end the fish. Also, the tip of the blade is thicker and more resistant then standard knives. One side of the blade had a standard sharp profile, while the other had a constantly toothed edge. On the side of the toothed blade the tip is not sharp to distinguish it from a weapon. This is true for all Salvimar knives.

Special blade design for the Salvimar Goemon

The center of the blade has a hexagonal hole for straightening shafts. The hole has a minimum diameter of 8 mm, so adequate for all dimensions shafts.

Hexagonal hole for shaft straightening system

The sheath

The sheath of the Salvimar Goemon is made of 30% glass loaded Nylon, the material used by Salvimar on almost all plastic elements. The colors available are white and black.

A very important and particular aspect of the design is the triangular shape of the profile where the blade is inserted. This definitely helps the insertion even not looking at the knife and sheath.

Salvimar Goemon knives and sheaths

The sheath of the Salvimar Goemon is made with two passages for the belt on the rear. The width of the two passages is such that it perfectly fits on standard weights for the belt, as this is the position where the knife should be according to Salvimar. The Salvimar Goemon, with its total length in the sheath equal to 198 mm, can also be worn on the arm and the calf with elastic Velcro bands that are sold separately.

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