Once more, as Salvimar has got somehow us used to, the Italian Company brings to market a revolutionary product in its category, the Salvimar Galactika. Which revolution? But the fact that is it completely sealed, making it impossible for water to enter.

Total seal and charging

Salvimar Galactika torch

As anticipated, the Salvimar Galactika has been designed so the final product is completely sealed with no possible access of water, but even external air, inside the torch. The access to the internal 21700 Ion-Lithium rechargeable battery, indicated by Salvimar as fully loaded in 5 hours, for 140 minutes of light, is obtained by a specific magnetic plug. The latter sticks to the metal element positioned on the inferior part of the torch body, opposite to the switch. Such solution is very easy to use and, as said, permits to keep the torch completely sealed while recharging it. The battery can be charged and discharged more than 1000 times. The charging LED starts flashing when the battery drops below 15%. The specific charging plug has the only downside in the fact that one must and can use only that one to recharge the Salvimar Galactika, so don’t lose it!

Design and materials

The design of the body of the Salvimar Galactika is preformed, with a curved shape that perfectly adapts to the hand of the spearo. The dimensions are correct, not too small, so the grip of the torch with the hand is very good, and not too big, so the torch is not too bulky. More specifically, the torch is diameter 38 mm and length 161 mm, while the weight with battery is 196g.

The lack of a rubber cover on the glass loaded Nylon body of the torch is not great, as the surface of the torch is in fact a little slippery. The head of the Salvimar Galactika is in anodized aluminium, strong and resistant.


Salvimar Galactika torch

The switch is of good dimensions and can be perfectly felt with the thumb even using thick neoprene gloves. The functioning is a smooth sliding to turn on and another one to turn off the light. The fact that there is no click when turning on and off the Salvimar Galactika makes it a little more difficult to understand if the light is on or off when the spearo is at the surface and the sunlight hides the light ray of the torch. The lace tied to the back of the torch body is a soft nylon solution that does not help positioning the Galactika with the switch facing the thumb.

The flashlight has a single slide button and 2 modes of use: Sliding – the flashlight turns on, sliding for more than 2 sec – emergency mode. The latter means there is an intermittent turning on of the LED in the rear part of the flashlight.

Light power and beam

The power of a torch is absolutely not the only parameter to evaluate a light beam for spearfishing. Anyway, the Salvimar Galactika has a LED type SST40 with 1500 Lumen, while the angle of light beam is 11° in the central more powerful area. The colour temperature of the light beam is 6500K.