A small innovation in the socks by Salvimar, the Big Toe; let us understand the advantages.

The Big Toe, as the name indicates, has a special cut that separates the toe from the other fingers. Salvimar indicates that such solution helps micro-circulation and avoids cramps. The neoprene is double lined and Big Toe are available in 2 and 4 mm thickness. Sizes are Small (38-40), Medium (41-42), Large (43-44), Extra Large (45-46) and XXL (47-49).

Additional explenation of the advantages of the Big Toe is the fact that the toe separated from the other fingers, when walking has the neoprene between the fingers to keep the sock still avoiding it from rolling up due to the traction applied.

Evidently, even more important is the situation during the wear of the fins, where the foot pocket tends to pull the neoprene of the sock backward, generating tension on the tip of the fingers of the foot. The design of the Big Toe avoids this and determines more comfort, better micro-circulation and tends to avoid cramps.

Finally, not a negligible aspect, with Big Toe one can wear thongs.

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