Salvimar has indeed got us used in recent years to top quality and advanced technical solutions on all its spearfishing product range. But with the new Salvimar Ares (the name of the Greek god of war and courage), that we have received as first international media, it seems all the best manufacturing and technical solutions are squeezed into one product.

An extraordinarily refined design, a completely new release mechanism with self-centering shaft system and MIM (Metal Injection Moulding) manufactured components, a new muzzle and an elliptical polygonal section barrel, make the Ares a real Masterpiece! Now, of course, so much high-end technology and amazing design must all come together to provide an equivalent level of performance. This, considering that the Salvimar Ares is definitely one of the new 2023 products candidate for the Award by Apneapassion and the Best Choice by Apneapassion in the spearguns category between 100€ and 200€.

Release mechanism

Among the huge number of novelties present on the Salvimar Ares, definitely the release mechanism is the heart of it all. With all 100% Ph17-4 Ph stainless steel components made by Metal Injection Moulding, which guarantees an extraordinary dimensional precision, the Ares release mechanism has unmatchable quality. For the first time the reversible lateral release lever, of good dimensions and shape, is also produced by MIM. An acid green nylon targeting segment is positioned at the rear of the housing to help visualizing the line of aim.

Not only. Functionally the system includes a shaft self-centering solution, which permits to have the shaft entering the mechanism in the very central position. This is obtained thanks to a track in upper part of the box and a segment on the top of the part of the shaft that enters the mechanism. Such solution is patented by Salvimar!

In addition, the trigger is complete with a steel wheel like on the Salvimar Heavy Metal system, but the sear has two centering guides also. All these solutions permit to have a perfect centering of the shaft, the trigger, the sear, the housing and consequently excellent alignment with the shaft guide and the muzzle. Precision of the shot, friction reduction and elements wear all improve.

The safety system is the traditional Salvimar one already present on the Hero line. The trigger sensitivity is adjustable by an Allen screw inserted in the hilt.


The handle of the Salvimar Ares is also completely new. Offered in two versions, with symmetrical and right anatomical grip, the handle is in black 30% glass loaded Nylon. The base is instead in acid green and hosts the steel element for the connection to a strong line.

The hilt is particularly big in dimensions and follows square shapes as all the parts, handle, barrel and muzzle, of the Salvimar Ares. All details are in place, such as the lateral wings to position the monofilament away from the shaft, wishbones and line of aim. The chest support is one piece with the handle, and its design is wide with a central V shaped profile. This, which tends to widen moving toward the release mechanism, additionally helps to clear and create a focus on the line of aim.


Elliptical with a faced surface, the barrel is anodized black with acid green lettering. The perceived quality is excellent. The angles of the section determine additionally thick areas that stiffen the structure of the barrel. The faces on the sides of the barrel are never vertical, but have an inclination to improve the water penetration when tracking laterally through the water.

The barrel is complete with an open track integrated shaft guide that already starts from the handle. Such guide also works as stiffening element, such as the inferior face of the barrel which is thickend.

The connection barrel to handle to muzzle is obtained, just as for the Hero, with double elliptical O-Rings. Such solution increases the internal volume of air compared to the one with plugs. Every Ares is tested in factory by Salvimar to verify the perfect sealing of the connection. For such reason, dismantling the Ares is not recommended.


The muzzle is totally new now with two holes instead of the traditional single one. This can be an important upgrade. In fact, the two holes, one per singular elastic band, permit the best positioning of the latter. Also, after the shot the elastic bands maintain a more tidy position. But most of all, the new muzzle manages to keep the double elastic bands away from each other and from the surface of the muzzle itself. This determines the reduction of any friction and consequently higher power transmitted to the shaft and the final shot. Moreover, the elastic bands are aligned in the best way parallel to the shaft, another good increase in efficiency of the shot.

Very interesting and useful is the fact that the muzzle is designed so that the inferior barb of the shaft, as the one supplied with the Ares, will rest on the muzzle. This will avoid the use of o-rings to keeps the barb closed when the speargun is loaded. Such solution requires time to reposition the o-ring after every shot. The o-ring can by the way break or be lost. Also, as for the Hero, what is nice in the muzzle of the Ares are the well dimensioned protuberances and channels for the passage of the monofilament. Such design avoids the latter from coming off.

Lengths, shaft and setup

The Salvimar Ares will be offered on the lengths 75, 85, 95 and 105 cm. All the versions are with double 14 mm diameter circular Salvimar Eptagum bands with Dyneema wishbones. The length of the bands is the same as the new muzzle is designed so that the distance between the two holes is just the same as the one between the two final shark fins on the shaft. In such a way, the force impressed by the double elastic bands is exactly the same.

The shaft is a 6.5mm diameter shaft with laser welded shark fins and stepped profile inferior barb. As already mentioned, the shaft has a metal segment on its tail for the self-centering. Still, any shaft can be used on the Ares, but you will lose the self-centering effect.