The longest of the Salvimar range, the Salvimar Ares, is different, stylish, with an interesting blade, but no shaft straightening and unblocking systems. Let’s see what it is more adequate for.

Salvimar Ares in the sheath

The handle

Absolutely well and precisely designed, the handle of the knife is anatomical and asymmetrical, even though most probably the anatomy is not so extreme to give the feeling of the position of the knife when one is wearing thick gloves.

The handle is made of three parts, the two lateral covers made of 30% glass loaded Nylon, and the central part, one piece with the blade, made of a very special stainless steel alloy that protects 100% from rust formation and that Salvimar wants to keep secret.

Two Allen screws keep the three parts together and permit the dismantle for perfect cleaning. Dimensions of the handle of the Salvimar Ares are 105 mm long, 22 mm max-width and 17 mm thick.

The rear of the handle sees the metal central part coming out of a few mm with a 3 mm diameter hole for the passage of a line.

The colors available are black and military green.

Salvimar Ares handle

The blade

Salvimar Ares blade

The blade of the Salvimar Ares is quite particular, with a net angle at the tip, which is definitely pointed. Such an angle is indicated by Salvimar as a good help to fillet the fish. The profiles are straight shart on one side and constantly serrated on the other.

As anticipated, the blade, made of the special zero rust steel alloy utilized by Salvimar with this new knife, has no shaft straightening and unblocking systems.

Dimensions of the blade of the Salvimar Ares are 123 mm long, 22 mm wide and 4 mm thick, which is definitely, the latter, a very good value, even though the tip of the blade goes down to 1 mm, which makes the very tip a little more delicate.

The sheath

Of two colors as the handle, black and military green, the sheath of the Salvimar Ares is made of 30% glass loaded Nylon. Its total length of 233 mm, which equals the total length also of knife and sheath, makes the Salvimar Ares particularly adequate to be worn on the calf, and as the second position on the weight belt.

Salvimar Ares knives and sheaths
Salvimar Ares knives and sheaths
Salvimar Ares partially inserted in its sheath

The blocking system between the knife and sheath is obtained with a clip integrated with the sheath itself. The insertion of the knife in the sheath is helped by the V profile of the latter and a certain angle of the edge profile. The shape of the rear part of the sheath of the Salvimar Ares is made to perfectly adapt to the calf.

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