In brief

Picasso Weight Vest and Weight Vest Pro is the offer from the Portuguese company in terms of harnesses. 4 and 6 kilos in two different models.

Weights and pockets


4 are the weights of one kilo in the Picasso Weight Vest, and 6 in the Picasso Weight Vest Pro. The very important feature of both harnesses is the fact that the kilos that can be used are most of the models on the market. This is of great help and can definitely also help in saving money.


The pockets on the Picasso Weight Vest are 4, while they are 6 on the Picasso Weight Vest Pro, and carry one kilo each. They open and close using a velcro strap. The Picasso Weight Vest has 4 weights all at the back, placed in a square. The Picasso Weight Vest Pro has the additional 2 pockets positioned frontally on the chest to better balance the weight distribution.

Materials and sizes


The logic by Picasso here is extremely interesting. The Picasso harness line utilizes low-density neoprene. This should determine higher buoyancy. At the same time though, such neoprene squeezes more, and so, dive after dive the harness loses buoyancy. This results in a harness that improves its performance with time. Picasso states that since a harness is thought to be kept for years, much longer than a wetsuit, and does not need to produce thermal insulation, it makes sense to use a neoprene that squeezes so its buoyancy decreases with time.


The Picasso harness line is offered in the sizes small/medium, large/extra large and 2XL/3XL. This requires more work for Picasso, but a better offer for the customer. In addition, the front straps are adjustable on both harnesses.

Wearing and releasing.


The Picasso Weight Vest can be worn in quite a standard way. The only specific characteristic is the front closure with one clip for the 4 kilos version and 2 clips for the 6 kilos version.


The front clips on the two Picasso harnesses definitely help to obtain a perfect adherence to the body of the spearfisherman. On the other hand, especially on the Pro version with two clips, the release process requires more time.

The Picasso harness in the 4 kilos version has an additional optional rear elastic line connected to a stainless steel clip which can be hooked to the weight belt. The 6 kilos version is instead bigger and particularly well cut to the body of the spearo so that it does not need any rear connection. Anyway, both harnessed are perfectly cut on the spearfisherman’s body, as visible also by the images.

Additional elements

No additional element is present on the Picasso harnesses. We remind that, in our opinion, a whistle should always be present either on the harness or on the buoy and requested by the law.