Created in 1986, the Portuguese company led by Carlos Osorio (2005 European Champion and 2006 World Champion with the Portuguese team), has always been focused in products for spearfishing. After a great number of Picasso products in the dossier of sling spearguns below 100 €, once again the company which has its own production factory in Sesimbra (Portugal) has a numerous offer for this dossier. 3 Picasso products fall in the range of from 100 € to 200 €: the Magnum Rail Camo Light, the new Magnum Power Camo and the new 2020 Cobra Roller Light.

This article is part of the dossier “Best sling spearguns between 100 and 200 €”

Picasso Magnum Power

Picasso Magnum Power

The Picasso Magnum Power is a new 2020 product, offered in the lengths of 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150 and 160 cm. List price of the 90 version is 176.98 €, and best on-line price at the moment this article is published is 159.99 €. You can check updated best guaranteed on-line price at this link.

Technical characteristics

Muzzle and bands

The Picasso Magnum Power has an impressive triple passage muzzle for three circular separated bands, that are standard from factory with 14 mm diameter and 3.5 (350%) elongation coefficient. Still, the muzzle keeps an extremely compact and streamlined design, even though it does not only insert in the barrel, but has an external part covering the barrel tip from outside. As usual for top line spearguns by Picasso, the material of muzzle, such as the handle, is 20% glass loaded Nylon.

Picasso Magnum Power muzzle with 3 separated circular bands

The wishbones of the three circular bands are in tied Dyneema. Under the muzzle the line passage is a good dimensions ring made of steel wire.


The barrel is made with a 28 mm external diameter aeronautical aluminum alloy tube with integrated shaft guide rail. Thickness of the walls of the tube of the barrel is equal to 1 mm.

Picasso Magnum Power barrel with integrated shaft guide and green camo
Release mechanism

Release mechanism is made in 100% 316 stainless steel, including the trigger, which has a very thin profile. There line release lever, also in 316 stainless steel, is lateral and of good dimensions, also invertible left and right. The security system is optional (Magnum optional safety, cost of 5 €) and made of a basculating steel arch connected to the hilt.

Picasso Magnum Power release mechanism

The handle has a slightly anatomical symmetrical left and right hander shape and is made in 20% glass loaded Nylon, just as the muzzle. The grip is covered with 100% natural rubber, black for green and brown versions, and red for the red camo.

Picasso Magnum Power handle right view
Picasso Magnum Power handle left view

In the bottom part of the handgrip there is a very large ring made of steel for positioning a line. A long and good dimensions dismountable gun butt is present, with a concave part in the upper profile for best line of aim. Similarly, in the frontal part of the handle on the sides two wings help position the line and clear the line of aim. In the Nylon part under the barrel the slot for the sliding mount of the Picasso reel is present. Best on-line price guaranteed for the Picasso reels can be checked at this link.


The shaft is a 7.5 mm diameter Sandvik stainless steel tempered and burnished tahitian single barb (in the upper part) and four shark fins all with holes for the passage of the line.

Comes with

Nylon line and sleeves.

In brief

The Picasso Magnum Power is a new product thought for high performance, with differences from its cousin, the Magnum Rail Light based on the muzzle and its setup. The 3 circular bands evidently make the Picasso Magnum Power extremely performing, still requiring more time for the loading. On the other hand the three 14 mm diameter circular bands de-multiply the load and make it easy for the spearo to elongate each single rubber band. The heavier shaft and greater lengths line-up of the Picasso magnum Power compared to Picasso Magnum Rail Light evidences how the first speargun focuses on longer shots and bigger preys.

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