After presenting Picasso spearguns already in the previous dossier, from the below 100 € to the between 100 and 200 €, where the Portuguese company has shown to have a very complete line, now it is the time for its best products. 

Handle and release mechanism

The handle, completely covered with the green tonality camo, is in 20% glass loaded Nylon, while the white cover of the grip is in 100% natural rubber. The design of the grip is slightly anatomical and good for right and left-handers. The chest support is dismountable and in glass loaded Nylon. The front of the handle has two tiny wings for positioning the monofilament out of the way. Below the grip a large steel ring to connect the line. 

The release mechanism is 100% 316 stainless steel, including the trigger and lateral release lever. This system is considered by Picasso one of its best solutions thanks to the auto-centering of the shaft. In fact, the Magnum inverted mechanism automatically centers the shaft, so it is much more precise and it is also totally independent from the power of the rubbers on the shaft. This determines that the spearo will always need less than 700g of power on his finger to shoot, even if it is loaded with 3 or more rubbers!

Picasso Magnum Power Carbon Rail camo green handle
Picasso Magnum Power Carbon Rail camo green release mechanism


The barrel is in 100% Carbon Fiber T300 3K, with an integrated shaft guide. The diameter is 28 mm and the thickness of the wall is 1.5 mm. All the barrel is covered with hand-painted green camo. The connection barrel to handle and barrel to muzzle is obtained with rubber plugs. Lengths available of the barrel are 75, 85, 95, 105, 115, 130, 140, 150 and 160…wow!!!

Magnum Power Carbon green camo barrel

Muzzle and elastic bands

The muzzle is an open solution and it is extremely slim-lined and holds three circular rubber bands that are positioned in three different holes with a closed circumference, which generally means a tougher design of the muzzle itself. The elastic bands are three circulars of 14 mm diameter, meaning great power but also easy to load. The elongation coefficient is 3.2.

Picasso Magnum Power Carbon Rail green camo muzzle
Picasso Magnum Power Carbon Rail green camo muzzle – inferior view


The shaft on the Picasso Magnum Power Carbon 95 we received is a 7.5mm Sandvik Stainless Steel solution, with four very neat shark fins, one at two/thirds of the length of the shaft towards the handle, and the other three all close one to the other at the extreme side of the release mechanism. All the shark fins have a hole to connect the monofilament. 

Picasso Magnum Rail Carbon green camo handle and shark fins shaft

The list price of the Picasso Magnum Power Rail Carbon camo green 95 is 284 €, while the 75 version is just over 250 €. 

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