The Picasso Magnum BW Carbon Rail puts together all the highest level solutions and materials for the top-of-the-line speargun by the Portuguese company led by Carlos Osorio.

Handle and release mechanism

The handle, completely covered with the green tonality camo, is in 20% glass loaded Nylon, while the white cover of the grip is in 100% natural rubber. The design of the grip is slightly anatomical and good for right and left-handers. The chest support is dismountable and in glass-loaded Nylon. The front of the handle has two tiny wings for positioning the monofilament out of the way. Below the grip a large steel ring to connect the line. 

The release mechanism is 100% 316 stainless steel, including the trigger and lateral release lever. This system is inverted and has a solution to position the shaft every time automatically in the center, for better shot precision. In fact, the Magnum mechanism is an inverted solution totally independent from the power of the rubbers on the shaft

Picasso Magnum BW Carbon Rail Camo green handle
Picasso Magnum BW Carbon Rail Camo green release mechanism


The barrel is in 100% Carbon Fiber T300 3K, with an integrated shaft guide. The section gas a special flattened and wide anatomical shape and the maximum dimensions of the section are 50 x 35 mm (including the integrated shaft guide), while the thickness of the wall is progressive from 1.5 to 2.0 mm. All the barrel is covered with hand-painted green camo. The connection barrel to handle and barrel to muzzle is obtained with rubber plugs. Lengths available of the barrel are 85, 95, 105, 120, 130 and 140.

Picasso Magnum BW Carbon Rail Camo green anatomical barrel

Muzzle and elastic bands

The muzzle is an open solution with the base covering the tip of the barrel, and determining a slightly wider section. It holds two circular rubber bands that are positioned in two different holes with a closed circumference, which generally means a tougher design of the muzzle itself. The elastic bands are two circulars of 14 mm diameter, meaning good power but also easy to load. The elongation coefficient is 3.2.

Picasso Magnum BW Carbon Rail Camo green muzzle


The shaft on the Picasso Magnum BW Carbon Rail Camo green 85 we received is a 7.0mm Sandvik Stainless Steel solution, with three very neat and big dimensions shark fins. All the shark fins have a hole to connect the monofilament.

Picasso Magnum BW Carbon Rail Camo green

The list price of the Picasso Magnum BW Carbon Rail camo green 85 is 285 €, well in the range of the dossier of the best spearguns between 200 and 300 €. 

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