Created in 1986, the Portuguese company led by Carlos Osorio (2005 European Champion and 2006 World Champion with the Portuguese team), has always been focused in products for spearfishing. After a great number of Picasso products in the dossier of sling spearguns below 100 €, once again the company which has its own production factory in Sesimbra (Portugal) has a numerous offer for this dossier. 3 Picasso products fall in the range of from 100 € to 200 €: the Magnum Rail Camo Light, the new Magnum Power Camo and the new 2020 Cobra Roller Light.

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Picasso Cobra Roller Light

Picasso Roller Light

A very interesting product entering the 100-200 € dossier is the first Roller speargun, the Picasso Cobra Roller Light. The Roller by Picasso is offered in the lengths 60, 75, 83, 90, 100, 110, 120 and 130 cm. List price of the 60 cm version is 162.56 €, while best on-line price at the moment this article is published is 126.99 €. You can check updated best guaranteed on-line price at this link.

Technical characteristics

Muzzle and bands

The Picasso Cobra Roller Light has a roller muzzle made of 20% Fiber glass loaded Nylon and 316 Stainless Steel. The high performance polymer pulleys of the roller system spin on stainless steel bearings, which are held in position by stainless steel arms.

Picasso Roller Light muzzle & bands
Picasso Roller Light muzzle & bands
Picasso Roller Light muzzle & bands inferior view

The standard elastic bands are 2, evidently for the roller solution, of 16 mm diameter with 3.5 (350%) elongation coefficient. In the lower part a of the muzzle the passage for the line is of good dimensions and in steel wire for best resistance to wear. The wishbones on both sides of the elastic bands are tied steel wires, shorter for the connection under the barrel, longer for the connection to the shaft.


The barrel is made with a 28 mm external diameter aeronautical aluminum alloy tube. Thickness of the barrel walls is 1 mm. 3 cm from the tip of the barrel a steel “hook” for the connection of the two elastic bands is positioned, and a second one, for final setting of the roller system, is positioned more or less 3 cm from the Nylon part of the handle covering the barrel. Sealing between muzzle-barrel-handle is obtained with rubber plugs.

Picasso Roller Light barrel
Release mechanism

Release mechanism is made in 316 stainless steel with 20% glass loaded Nylon trigger. The line release lever is lateral to the handle and made of 316 stainless steel and can be swapped to the other side.

Picasso Roller Light release mechanism

The security system is optional (Cobra optional safety, cost of 5 €) and made of a basculating stainless steel arch connected to the grip of the handle.


The handle has an anatomical left and right hander shape and is made in 20% glass loaded Nylon, just as the muzzle. The grip is covered with a white 100% Natural Rubber material, which has a good antislip effect, and great visibility when speargun is left on the sea floor, for example after a shot. In the lower part of the handgrip an great dimensions ring made of steel is positioned for tieing a line. A reel can be mounted in front of the hilt with the classic sliding system. Best on-line price guaranteed for the Picasso reels can be checked at this link. A good dimension dismountable gun butt is present, where the plate that comes in contact with the chest has a convex part in the upper profile to clear the line of aim.

Picasso Roller Light handle right view
Picasso Roller Light handle left view

The shaft is a 6.5mm Sandvik Stainless Steel tempered tahitian single barb (in the upper part) with a silicone barb holder O-ring included and three shark fins.

Comes with

1.5 mm Nylon line plus rubber shock absorber.

In brief

The Picasso Cobra Roller Light enters the roller speargun segment with an amazingly low price, below 130 € in the internet discounted best price for the 60 cm version, probably the cheapest on the market. Some components are chosen to permit such a low price, like the trigger which is in glass loaded Nylon, and not steel, and the handle which is not the first level by Picasso that we find, for example, on the Magnum. Still, Picasso Cobra Roller Light is a simple and extremely affordable way to have one’s first Roller speargun.

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