Extremely soft and with good protections, the new Picasso Camo Ghost wetsuit by the Portuguese company is an easy solution for beginners and average spearos.

Materials and protections

Made with the new Picasso XS21 neoprene, externally lined and internally open cell, extremely soft and easy to wear, the Picasso Camo Ghost has shown immediate ease of use when worn and taken off. This is thanks to the anti-tear effect together with the sliding effect of the outer surface of the neoprene given by the external lining in the top quality solution, Ultra-stretch Lycra, definitely the most elastic option. 

Protections are present in all key areas, such as the sternum, with Supratex fabric with 3 mm pad nicely made as the Picasso logo, and the knees and elbows again in Supratex anti-cut version fabric.

The lower part of the jacket is lined externally and open-cell internally, but with wide areas also lined at the beavertail attachment and where the double clips for the closure are positioned. 

Finishings and cuts

The Picasso Camo Ghost wetsuit seems to have a great look into details, starting, as seen, with a complete set of protections. Also, the profiles of the face, wrists, ankles and pants waist are made with folded neoprene, but differently from most of the wetsuits of the dossier, this solution sees an externally lined option. This does not generate the additional sealing effect we like in the double folded externally smooth solution, and such aspect is increased by the fact that the profiles taken into account are not tighter than the neoprene of the wetsuit. So finally such profiles are neat and resistant, but do not really support greater thermal insulation. 

In addition to this, the jacket going on top of the externally lined high waist pants also cannot really generate a sealing effect which could improve thermal insulation. Such high waist pants are slightly higher at the back (46 cm) compared to the front (41 cm).

The face contour sees a small stitching at the very edge of the internal profile, a solution that could just slightly disturb on the chin’s skin.

All bondings seem to be extremely well made, even though they do not have a double glue application as finishing.

The beasvertail is internally and externally lined and closes with double clips. 

Even the underarm has a wide rhomboidal piece of neoprene covering all the way along the lower part of the arm. The rear part of the jacket is made with one single large piece of neoprene. 


Special solutions

The Picasso Camo Ghost bases its design on the top protections and softness with the new Picasso XS21 neoprene.

Plus and Minus


  • Extremely soft Picasso XS21 neoprene
  • Totally protected and reinforced wetsuit
  • Anatomical cut in 7 different size combinations with pants and jacket purchasable separately


  • Fabric and Supratex soak with water and need time to dry
  • Some finishings on the profiles and the lined pants do not improve thermal insulation

For the complete data chart of the Picasso Camo Ghost wetsuit click here.